Up until tonight, 15-year-old hip-hop artist Astro was a top contender in the X Factor competition. But finding himself in the bottom two in tonight’s elimination show, he ruined his chances for continuation. He made it through the night, but his arrogant behavior outraged the live theater audience and at-home television viewers as well (including me).

On my facebook page, one friend commented, “He’s at the tender age of a fragile self esteem and any rejection is going to feel like an attack. His response was directly from his insecurity. He was crying rivers of tears. Yes…he acted like a tough little shit…but he’s really not.”

Another responded, ” Rude and disrespectful, that’s what I thought!”

I think he’s lost a ton of fans and he’s screwed up his chances to continue. I think next week will be his last. What do you think?