As a first time author, Loretta Lo Piccolo knows that you need to change your perspective in order to align yourself with what you really want. In her book, Yes You Can, A Practical Guidebook and 30 Day Support Program for Achieving Your Goals , Loretta walks with you through her 30-Day Support Program that is designed for you to experience a shift in your thinking. Learn how you can systematically change your limiting perceptions so you can create the goals you desire. Got 30 days?

Q. What made you get up one day and decide to create the Yes You Can program and book?

A. It was a series of circumstances that led me on my path. Looking back, I didn’t realize how events unrelated to me writing my book would set me on an amazing journey. It first started when my very dear friend’s lymphoma cure resulted in leukemia. I thought to myself, if Sandi is going to suffer, it couldn’t be for naught. I was determined to find the gifts that would also arise from her experience. It was during Sandi’s last year on earth, that she bestowed upon me her greatest gift of all. Her love and courage inspired me to question how I lived and viewed my life. That was the beginning of my journey that led me to creating this program.

Q. What is the 30-Day Support Program?

A. Though it’s a hands-on type program that’s intended to guide people in achieving their goals, the system is useful for anyone who wants to live a more balanced life. The shift in perspective that occurs by taking the daily-suggested steps will naturally change the course of one’s life. There are 7 manageable requirements (approximately 20 minutes time investment each day), along with a daily exercise designed to increase the participant’s insight and understanding.

Q. What makes your book different than others of its kind?

A. My goal was to create a method that everyone could use and a book that is “user friendly.” Not only do I show you what to do; I show you how to do it. I walk with you for the first 30 days of your journey. I refer to Yes You Can as a guidebook. I designed it to help guide you on your journey. Whenever you feel lost, stuck, or discouraged, you can always turn to the guidebook.

Q. At the beginning of the book, you make a bold statement: “Before you begin, ask yourself: Am I willing to change? The key word is willing.” Why are you asking people to stop and think before proceeding with your book?

A. The first step is willingness to change. If you aren’t willing to change, you won’t. So many people are stuck because they aren’t willing to try something new. Therefore, if you’re not receptive to change, this program cannot work for you. Albert Einstein said: No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.

Q. Your book takes on the differences between knowledge and experience. How do these two go hand in hand?

A. The Yes You Can guidebook is divided into two detailed sections: Knowledge and Experience. You cannot have one without the other. The example I give in the book is: Reading a book on how to play tennis is gaining the knowledge; getting a tennis racket and going on the court and swinging the racket is the experience. Reading about playing tennis isn’t actually playing tennis, and going out on a tennis court with your racket not knowing what the game is about is not playing tennis. Knowledge and experience need to be paired together in order to be successful in reaching your goals and aspirations.

Q. Your “Watch Your But” section talks about how we talk to ourselves directly impacts what we get in our lives. Can you give us a couple of examples?

A.  Anytime you include “but” in a statement, you just negated the original intent and set yourself up for failure. If you say: “I want to do it but I don’t think I can,” or “I’ll exercise but it won’t be easy,” you chip away at your motivation. Changing how you say something helps change your perspective. When you change your perspective, you naturally change your actions. Changing your actions changes your life.

Q. One thing I know for sure is that laughter is the best medicine. Why do you think it is?

A. Laughter is the best medicine for wellness. It opens the flow of emotions, thereby releasing negative energy. It is the best antidote for stress. Laughter reduces stress hormones such as cortisol and epinephrine and boosts positive emotions. Laughter also helps build self-esteem and confidence. When you smile and laugh you will naturally draw people to you. This positive flow of energy creates a safe place for others to connect with you.

Q. Every author has influential people or role models who made a difference in their lives. Who are your heroes whose words or actions compelled you to write your book?

A. Earl Nightingale has to be the leading most influential person. In fact, it was Nightingale’s recording, The Strangest Secret, that gave my journey its direction. It was while listening to The Strangest Secret that the idea of a 30-day support system was born.  Then by developing my awareness and willingness, I was able to see opportunities and hear suggestions as they were presented to me. Hence, the creation of the Yes You Can book.

Q. How are you applying your Yes You Can principles to your life?

A. The book itself is the best example of how I incorporated the Yes You Can principles into my life. The book was conceived and developed with and by the very principles laid out in the book. I try to use the wisdom shared throughout the book in all areas of my life. When I don’t my life becomes off balance. When I do, I am amazed as to what I witness. I met the love of my life by applying what I learned.

Q. After reading your book, I got the feeling that this would be a great book for local book clubs to add to their list. The members would get plenty of support and accountability from their group and I could see it really making an impact in the lives. Do you have any plans to promote your book to book clubs?

A. The Yes You Can book can be easily used by book clubs without any additional instructions. In fact, I belong to a book club that meets once a month. We read and studied the principles laid out in Part I one month and followed the 30-day program (Part II) the next month. My plans are to hold workshops and seminars for corporate, civic and social groups based on the philosophy of the Yes You Can guidebook.

Q. A very respectable way to now get your book out there is by self-publishing. What has the process been like for you?

A. I am going to put a twist on your question. One of the many differences between men and women that I have observed is that most men will “wing it’ while most women have to have all their eggs in order, have all their t’s crossed and all their i’s dotted before they would consider doing something new. By working the Yes You Can program, my desire to create the program and distribute my book triumphed over my gender-inflicted limitations. My grammar might not be perfect, and there are probably typo’s that I have missed. But that no longer stops me. I know this program works and self-publishing is currently the way to share it with people who want to live a more content life. Self-publishing is very exciting for it is my first step to introducing my book to the world. By creating this program I was able to write a book. If I can do it, so can you…. with the program I am offering you.

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Loretta Lo Piccolo is a graduate from Stetson University. While her studies in marketing and management provided the skills to motivating, guiding and inspiring people, she attributes her life experiences and personal journey to the development of her Yes You Can book and program.

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