We are two weeks into the long list of New Year Resolutions that we planned to keep.   Truth be told, in my mind, a Resolution is a habit that we are committing ourselves to change.  And change is hard!

There are always things that we can improve on – in our life and business – and a New Year just seems the logical date and time to make a change.  But, with everything else that we change – resolutions don’t work unless we commit ourselves to changing a habit.  The habits of choice are:  exercise, organizing and to quit smoking.

As we finish the first 2 weeks of 2012 – Don’t Give Up!  Let’s re-evaluate your New Year Resolutions and Goals.

First – Don’t expect that you should have reached your goal 100% already.  Developing habits takes time.  If habits were quick and easy resolutions not be a concern.

Second – Every goal takes multiple steps to accomplish.  No matter how small, there is usually a list of things that have to happen in order to reach your goal.  Think about it…everything that we do takes multiple steps.  Keep it simple and specific.

Just the simple act of brushing your teeth requires at least 6 steps (pick up the toothbrush, unscrew the cap of the toothpaste, put the toothpaste onto your toothbrush, brush your teeth, rinse the toothbrush, rinse your mouth and then put the cap back onto the toothpaste).  It just comes natural to you because you have been doing it the same way…forever.  Think about what individual steps you can take to help you achieve your goals and habits for 2012.

Third – After you have written down the first step of your goal – put it on your calendar.  Mark the date and time that you will work on your first habit.  No matter how simple this may seem, you are the person who will be held responsible for getting it done.  Hold yourself accountable.

Fourth – Keep everything positive.  Positive thoughts will make your goals achievable, rather than impossible.

Fifth – Celebrate all of your success.  No matter how small it may seem.

Reaching your goal takes planning and preparation.  Before you jump back into your Resolution, think about the steps required to make it happen.  Break things down into smaller pieces – make the steps doable, achievable and reachable (D.A.R.).

Post these steps into your calendar, on the refrigerator, in a place in your office that you have to look at frequently – the bathroom mirror is also a great place to post them.  Make sure that you keep them front and center of you every day.

As you reach each portion of your goal, Celebrate!  Give yourself credit for a job well done…and then add the next step onto your list – and continue until you have reached your goal 100%.

Realize when you have just had a bad day and don’t beat yourself up over it!  You can’t change yesterday – but you can change today and tomorrow.  Remember that every day is a new beginning.  Routines and habits take time to develop and everything worth doing requires an investment that will change your future forever.