bandstand bonnieBandstand Bonnie Bristol Stomps with Colin Lively

The year:  1961

The place:  Philadelphia

The Man:  Dick Clark

The Show:  American Bandstand

The Music:  Bobby Rydell, Connie Francis, et al.

The dancer: Bonnie Nadley.

How could she possibly have known that 50 years later, Bonnie Nadley would become “Bandstand Bonnie”.

She is the embodiment of millions of baby boomers all across the country who rushed home after school to tune into American Bandstand.  My generation learned to dance, learned to scream, at the very sight of their singing idols. And we dressed as much like the Bandstand dancers as possible.

Join me on the next Colin Lively Show with my very, and I do mean very, special guest, Bandstand Bonnie herself as we Bristol Stomp, Hully Gully, and Twist down Memory Lane.

Editor’s Note:  If you missed the live show, archive is available here

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