As we travel our own personal journey through life, we are conditioned at a very early age what it means to feel obligated.. and we are reminded of it all the years of our life, exactly who we should feel obligated to.  We are taught that to live, we are obligated to work hard…. suffer long…. and set our own thoughts and feelings aside to please others. (Mainly those family and friends who we feel obligated to in some way.)

Recently a friend I knew 25 years ago (and hadn’t seen in 24 of them) recently connected with me through social media.  At first it was great to connect, then I realized that this person was looking for the person I used to be, and had no interest in the person I had become.

As I came to this realization, it also occurred to me that I had a choice to make.

Do I maintain this connection because I feel obligated out of some sense of lost friendship, even though the relationship was leaving me with a feeling less than friendly?


Do I let go?

For me the choice was not a difficult one.

I conjured up a feeling of Appreciation for: The person I met on the path to self discovery and for the experiences had the opportunity to enjoy. Then I felt a profound feeling of Gratitude for the indicator this rendezvous was, which allowed me to make the deliberate shift up the vibrational scale.  This exercise left me feeling great with my decision to let go of the past, move forward to the future, appreciate every step I have taken along the way….. and to never look back.

There is a certain “vibe” you give off when you are doing something because you feel obligated to do it.  And it’s VERY different from the “vibe” you give off when you are doing something you want to do, and make a deliberate choice to do it.

One leaves you feeling Powerless and one gives you the feeling of being Empowered.

Trust Your Feelings.  They come as standard operating equipment with your Inner Guidance System (Your Universal GPS) and will lead you along the path of least resistance as you travel the journey to where ever you are choosing to go in life.

You deserve to live the life you love, and you’re not obligated to anyone to give up on your dreams. If  you really feel the need to be obligated to something….. Make the obligation to yourself, to live your best life no matter what anyone else is thinking, saying or doing.


Stephanie Kathan

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