In case you’re ever in doubt about the diabolical intentions of the pharmaceutical industry to increase market share and boost profits, now’s the time to wake up to their horrifying, health-destroying tactics. Do you find my words to be too negatively aggressive?  I invite you to consider these facts:

The pharmaceutical industry in terms of dollars and cents is more powerful than 168 individual nations.  As of 2009, the global market for pharmaceuticals was worth more than $837 billion, and is expected to reach $1.1 TRILLION in 2014.

Comparing their annual global market to the GDP—the market value of all the output produced in a nation in one year—they would rank # 15 on a list of 183 nations. Does that shock you? It certainly shocks me… and enrages me as well.

Sad to say, Americans, both adults as well as children, are the most drugged people in the world, with the average adult taking 11 prescription drugs! And, are we learning about them from educated, caring doctors? No, we’re not! Hardly a half-hour on TV passes without at least one drug touted as the answer to everything from indigestion to impotence!  To make it even more disgusting, they candidly reveal up to 70 different potential side effects that even include DEATH!  If that’s not weird and despicable, I don’t know what is.

This barrage of direct-to-consumer advertising has played a major role in turning the U.S. into a nation of over-medicated people. Adding to this, we have the most expensive health care in the world, with dropping life expectancy and other health indexes.

These ads provide a subliminal message that makes you your own drug peddler. In a recent AlterNet article, writer Jim Hightower points out that direct-to-consumer advertising, which wasn’t even allowed in the U.S. 30 years ago, now contributes to creating a drugged-up America. He points out that since the ban on direct-to-consumer advertising has been lifted, America’s healthcare system has metamorphosed from a public service network into a corporate profit machine.  Are you a victim of this dangerous scam? UGH!

I once read a book by a Naturalist, which is what Holistic doctors were called years ago. In it was a sentence that has stuck with me, “Walk, don’t run to your doctor!” For me personally, the avoidance of drugs has enabled me to have unprecedented health at 76. I’ve taken antibiotics about 3 times in my entire life, choosing the “old-fashioned” remedies instead … remaining in bed with tea, toast, soft boiled eggs, inducing a sweat and copious amount of that age-old medication, CHICKEN SOUP!

I wish you the best in your quest for radiant health, with the courage to question and AVOID medicine whenever possible.  Besides, consider the cost in dollars and cents (sense). You’ll never receive a bill from Mother Nature. Healing is her job, and she does it remarkably well if your give her the chance!


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