I never call a manager over for good service. I’ve seen my parents tell managers how great or poor their service was when we dine out, but I’ve never felt the need to call a manager over to my table to tell him or her how wonderful my dining experience was until I went to Capriz.

Capriz is an Italian restaurant often considered the sister restaurant to Rioz. As I’ve never been to Rioz, this doesn’t mean much to me. I purchased a coupon from RocketGrab.com, $35 for $50 at Capriz, to use while my boyfriend was in town. We got all dressed up and went out to Broadway.

When we arrived, the hostess opened the door for us and another hostess brought us to our table. Our server greeted us within a minute and explained how the serving worked. There are two coasters, and they are red and green on either side. To ask for food and to begin the entrées, flip the card onto the green side. To stop, flip to red. Simple enough. We started with the salad bar, which had such a plentiful variety of starters. I couldn’t even name them all, but I filled my plate with a colorful palate of tastes and flavors.

We started the entrée early and were immediately greeted with servers with food. It reminded me of the “Be Our Guest” scene from Beauty and the Beast, which is always a good thing since that is my favorite movie. We had linguine, rigatoni vodka, steak, pork, chicken, pasta, more pasta, more rigatoni vodka, more steak, more pasta until we possible couldn’t eat anything else … but dessert. The décor was very Italian and homey, and each server that passed us asked how we were and if we wanted anything brought back around. The music was great as well. They played a lot of Frank Sinatra, which made my boyfriend very pleased.

We ordered espresso, limoncello, grappa, and apple crostata with vanilla gelato. It was my first taste of limoncello and the drink was smooth and tangy. My boyfriend ordered the grappa and enjoyed it, but I think it tastes like gasoline. Each to their own, but he was delighted that they served it.

What surprised us even more was that Capriz makes their own pasta. I was pleasantly surprised at the service, food, and atmosphere this restaurant provided. It was a late Wednesday night to boot. We were treated like the first customers of the day.

Halfway through the meal, I knew I needed to speak to a manager before leaving. It was the right thing to do. If you’ve had an above-and-beyond dining experience, you should definitely inform the manager. Bad experiences should be reported, but as should great ones. Never in Charleston or Myrtle Beach or anywhere have I had such attentive and polite service with such delectable food and cozy atmosphere.

You may be wondering if this was just a normal, satisfactory experience, but I’ve had plenty of those. This was truly a night my boyfriend and I will not forget. I am so pleased, I’m even going to bring to Carpiz for my graduation dinner the toughest food critic in all of America: my grandmother. I’m (almost) sure it’ll pass her test.

So if you’re in Myrtle Beach looking for some good Italian food at a fair price with exceptional service, Capriz is the place to go to truly be treated like a guest.