Sounds great, but also sounds impossible, right?

Well, I can’t promise that you’ll be able to turn back actual time, but I can promise that if you’re ready to put in the work, you’ll look and feel better than you ever believed possible…at every age.

We all know that aging can be a terrible prospect. I believe that it’s mostly because we’re programmed to believe that time will render us weak, unattractive and definitely not desirable.

When I realized that this negative way of thinking could become a dreary self-fulfilling prospect, I decided to do something about it. No way did I want to become the victim of my own negativity. And I’m sure you don’t want to either.

The miracle of life-long youth can be yours as soon as you decide to take aging into your own hands, and, most important, CHANGE YOUR NEGATIVE MINDSET!!!!

Here are 10 ideas I’ve used to help me:

  1. Start looking at the person in the mirror (YOU!) with admiration.
  2. Take care to dress and groom yourself so that you like what you see.
  3. Get out there into the world and SMILE at everyone.
  4. Interact with young people, giving them compliments and confidence.
  5. Get rid of old clothes and old habits, and find new, exciting ones.
  6. Switch hands when doing regular activities to balance your brain.
  7. Ask friends for suggestions about how you can improve and assure them you’ll never get insulted no matter what they say.
  8. Never allow your inner negative aging voice to get you down.
  9. Remember that Time is a gift, and aging is not a punishment. Use Time to grow, to deepen, to become more vibrant, desirable, kinder and sweeter.
  10. Challenge all negative aging concepts from society/media and from your own mind, and replace them with positive “Hattietudes!”

My favorite:

Adopt a New Hattietude!

The opposite of old isn’t young…it’s NEW!

Think about this – When someone compliments you, do you frown, look away and give them an excuse as to why you don’t really deserve their compliment? STOP!

Admire yourself, and let others know you’re pleased when they tell you that they admire you too! You’ll be shocked at how much more youthful and beautiful taking in others’ admiration can make you look and FEEL!

Self-love makes miracles happen. Live the miracle that is YOU!