Stella Orange

Your friendly neighborhood wordsmith Stella Orange joins YAK, live,  on Here Women Talk radio, Wednesday 11am EST.

Most homepages are as seductive as canned meat. But it doesn’t have to be this way!

Find out how to quit hiding behind being “professional” and find YOUR own voice on your homepage, so your favorite clients land on your URL and find YOU… and develop a raging crush on you so fierce… the only remedy is to do business with you.

Join your friendly neighborhood wordsmith Stella Orange for a whole new way to create—or REcreate—your homepage. Stop trying to “write a website” and start BEING the swashbuckling hero your favorite clients have been longing for.  Stella’s spilling the beans on how you can turn  your website into a profitable and personable place that wins you raving fans and high-caliber clients. A playwright who learned to write copy by penning successful fundraising letters for an arts center, Stella has written lucrative websites and email marketing campaigns for clients including business + sales trainers, weight loss coaches, sensuality experts, consultants, intuitives, and chocolate shops.

She’s now a highly sought-after teacher and guide for service professionals, coaches, and business owners who want to make more money in their businesses, but are having a hard time conveying the value of their brand and writing consistent, lucrative, and inspiring messages. Stella’s about to share her secrets to kick your business into high gear–starting with the homepage of your website. The phone lines will be open for Stella to answer your most burning questions. Chat-in or call-in 877-500-9387.

Live online Wednesday, March 21, 11am EST, 8am PST.

Replay: Wednesday, March 21, 7pm EST and Thursday, March 22, 6am EST.

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