Laurence Juber

Just when I think I’ve got the style of two-time Grammy winning acoustic guitarist Laurence Juber figured out, I hear a new track – something completely different than I’ve ever heard him play before and I find myself in awe.  Clearly, the former lead guitarist for Paul McCartney and Wings (1979-1981) has certainly fused folk, jazz and pop styles, but he’s so very much more.  A master of acoustic finger style playing, the one thing I have never ever see him do… is show off.  Given the depth of his talents, that would be easy to do, but Laurence has enough respect for the music itself, he doesn’t one-up a great tune with gimmicks.  You have to love a man with enough talent to take it anywhere he wants, but enough respect for the listener to show some restraint.  That, in a nutshell, is my guest, Laurence Juber.  We’ll spend a good deal of the hour talking about his career, his foundation in music and learn about the wonderful things he’s involved in now.  I’ve included a couple of YouTube videos for your listening pleasure.  Aside from a rare guitarist, someone like say, Tommy Emmanuel, you’ll not hear anyone pick up a guitar and create music quite like this.  It will be a memorable hour and I do hope you’ll join us.  Now sit back, have a listen and ENJOY!

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