Have You Been Duped?

Every industry has their own version of a sleazy car salesman….. the personal growth industry is no exception.  As it is in every area of life, you will find people who Inspire you, Touch You and Change you forever.  Sometimes it’s because of the information they shared that brought you to new heights…. and sometimes it’s the deception they offer that brings you there…. The point is YOU WILL GET THERE…..

Sometimes we are so eager to learn and be accepted that we listen to Anybody, who tells us a pretty tale of possibility, making promises spun out of gold as they deposit your checks into their bank account.  It happens Everywhere, what makes you stand out is how you respond.

(Being on this journey, it’s happened to me too, it happens to everyone through the course of life… what matters is how you grow from it, learn from it, and that you don’t give up because you got a lemon, you still have within you everything you need to succeed….. and now you can make lemonade too!)

Have you been “faked out” by personal growth guru’s who’s truth finally comes to light? What do you do? Everybody reacts differently to deception….

here’s what NOT TO DO..

  • DON’T Post Negative Comments
  • DON’T Regret what you have learned
  • DON’T Give up because on learning because you have been “duped”

The Universe is still working on your behalf even if you feel deceived at the moment


  • Find someone to learn from who fills you with positive energy.
  • Surround yourself with teachers who are authentic and genuine

(There are many of them out there) if you need recommendations let me know.


Someone else’s lack of authenticity does not determine yours…..

Just because someone else has underestimated You, doesn’t mean you have to underestimate yourself.

Keep going, Keep growing and Keep learning…. and soon you will be in alignment with your true self, regardless of what anyone else is thinking, doing or saying…. and the promises they made  won’t matter anymore, because you will have discovered the ability to make promises to yourself…. and keep them.

Appreciate the deceiver…. they have given you a clear picture of the kind of person you have no desire to be,

which gives you the gift of clarity, and allows you to move quickly into the person you want to be.

If you have been deceived in some way, in any area of your life… A Great Process to release and express your true feelings is The Total Truth Process. If you would like to find out more on how to experience your own Total Truth Process just send me a direct message and I will send you a blueprint to follow.

You may have been led by lies…. but you will grow in truth

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