I have not written for quite some time now because life happened. Things came at me fast and furious and I duped myself into believing that I had no time, and that what I had to say in the midst of my storm, was nothing of interest. I repent; I have a change of mind. What I have to say is all about how my Lover-Daddy has been helping me and keeping me and because trials are not unique to me, perhaps what I write of my experience may be useful to someone reading here today.

So I’m forgetting the past and beginning the record of things going forward.

One of the crises I’ve been embroiled in is within my home, two adult children of differing worldviews and levels of maturity in Christ. A very stressful place to be; the present situation surrounds a loaf of bread.

My day was so packed with things to do on yesterday and it culminated with the good news of the opening up of a business opportunity that would make a difference financially, another crisis we face. In my tiredness, joy and exuberance, I neglected to say to my precious daughter on the phone on her way home from work that I had not bought bread for dinner. When she arrived home and there was no bread she literally blew a fuse. The entire atmosphere of the home changed. Silly me, waiting with excitement to share with her the details of just how God had brought us through and to this new opportunity, only to be confronted instead with attitude, and condemnation for committing such a colossal crime of forgetting to purchase bread for dinner or, to say so to her in the time that she determined was ideal.

As we say here in Trinidad and Tobago, “well boy”, no amount of trying on my part to make peace or change the atmosphere worked, so I resorted to silence as I so often do, (my absence from the blog is proof). I resort to silence in order to listen to the voice of God speaking within me. This is what I heard, “the enemy comes not but to steal, to kill and to destroy; but I have come that you might have life, abundant life” (John 10:10)

Now the understanding is this, the enemy has come on the heel of the opening up of the opportunity that we have been praying about and believing God for. It is an opportunity that would enable us the disposable income to do more than simply live. It would enable us to have abundant living which would include being in a place to help others too. So his intent is to steal the peace that we have as a family amongst ourselves. If he were to succeed what we will see in the absence of peace is anxiety, fear, selfishness etc. His intent is to kill the joy we have within us. The scripture says, that the joy of the Lord is our strength, when we lose our strength how can we continue to stand, let alone fight? Finally his objective is to destroy the very opportunity before it becomes fully alive.

Having seen and understand his plans, the next step is for me to apply, what do I apply? Firstly faith in God and His Word, He said in Isaiah 54:17a, “No weapons formed against you shall prosper” Faith believes in what He says in the face of what I see! He has allowed me to see what the enemy’s plans are and He has promised that it will not prosper! I choose to believe and to rejoice in Him who has promised because I remain strong in Him, through His joy! As the more mature in Christ I will not take offence by my daughter’s attitude but I will and am responding to her in love, compassion and kindness. I smile at every frown and maintain my peace in Christ. I look for every opportunity to help her see the truth. I have shared what I heard from my Lover-Daddy with her, and the Holy Spirit of God is actively at work within her defusing the anger and indifference. Further, I’ve taken the day off to rest, spend time in prayer and prepare one sumptuous finger licking good dinner for them this evening.

I close with this declaration, whatever the enemy meant for harm to me and my family shall be turned around to be a seven fold blessing in our lives, we shall enjoy the abundant life for which Christ Jesus died that we may have! I pray too for those going through the fire that He will be there for you and that this word of my testimony spoils the enemy’s plans against you and yours!

Continuing to walk forward BIG…………(Believing In God)

Love and blessings!