Disability Affects your Mental Health: 10 Ways that Help You Cope

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Disability can strike anyone, anywhere. It is true that disability brings challenges in life. However, the extent to which it damages your life also depends on how you cope with it. One should always remember that along with numerous challenges, a disability brings along with it a chance to discover new strengths and capabilities within us to face those challenges.

Most disabled individuals ignore their capabilities and let negative emotions take over, which leads to depression, anxiety, and a sense of loss. These conditions also adversely affect the physical health of a disabled person.

One must keep in mind that mental health is necessary to perform day to day activities, to maintain interpersonal relationships and to contribute to the society. If a disabled person can strengthen their mind and use it to their advantage, their disability can turn out to be an enriching experience.

Achieving a positive mental health is not at all difficult. Making conscious and persistent efforts in the right direction can change the perspective towards disability.

1. No Regrets

Accidents are one of the major causes of disability. Often a thought that accident could have been avoided haunts the mind of a disabled person.

Do not waste time in thinking about things which cannot be reversed.  It is not a good idea to live a regretful life. Instead, be grateful that you are alive and spending a life with your loved ones.

2. Being Self-Made Helps

Don’t ruin your happiness by becoming too dependent on others. Try different things, from cooking to visiting the amusement park. Soon you will find out more and more things that you are capable of doing on your own.

Being independent will enable you to live life as it was earlier. Moreover, self-made people are strong. They gain respect and add value to any society.

3. You Are Unique, Accept It

Accept the fact that you are disabled and because of your disability you are unique. Your needs are different and your ways of doing things are unlike others.

It is important to realize that, your individuality makes you memorable. Body-abled persons strive to achieve uniqueness and you should be glad that you have it. Grab this opportunity and make the most of it.

4. Be Social

Make a few good friends with whom you can share your everyday struggles. We all need at least one friend in front of whom we can vent our frustrations. Being able to do this will act as a therapy session.

You can also join a group of disabled persons. They may have stories and experiences which can inspire you.

5. You Can Never Go Wrong with Positive People

Surround yourself with positive people. They are the ones who genuinely care to find happiness in any circumstances.

Positive people have attributes like contentment, self-esteem, enthusiasm and foresightedness. Their presence around you can make your life cheerful and meaningful.

6. Your Skills Can Earn You Money

Disability often brings financial hardships. Whether it is applying makeup, financial planning, writing, tutoring or cooking, your skills can earn you some money.

Try to discover skills which make you proud. Such skills can let you earn money and at the same time lift your self-esteem.

7. Try to Help Others

Being disabled need not stop you from helping others. Helping others can momentarily distract your mind from your struggles. Being able to help someone brings a sense of self-worth.

8. Reconnect to Faith

Faith is a big thing. It can heal you in a miraculous way. With faith comes hope. Try to reconnect with the faith you had as a child and you will notice amazing comfort.

9. Exercise Is Always Beneficial

Endorphins, commonly known as “happy hormones,” are secreted while exercising. Be creative and try different kinds of workouts. Yoga is a good option for those who get tired easily and are looking to build core strength and stamina.

10. Promote a Cause

Be a social worker. There are a number of social causes that can do with the enthusiasm of more people. Find one that is close to your heart, and join the bandwagon.

Moreover, promotional events are a platform to meet like-minded and enthusiastic people who place social causes before their priorities. This adds positivity to one’s life.

Life Is the Same as It Was Before

Disability threatens a person’s beliefs about himself. Our self-belief has an impact on our capability to adjust to our disability. Being normal or being disabled is just a matter of perspective.

Avoid blaming disability for the issues appearing in your life. Do not deal with your disability. Instead, use it as a medium to redefine yourself.

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Disability is a force that invokes self-realization. Do not look for excuses that stop you from achieving your goals. There have been instances where people were disabled for many years and made an unbelievable comeback. They could not have happened without immense strength.

Keep living and do not dwell in the thoughts of past and future. You have the power to improve your life. You are the maker of your destiny. Making efforts is important, just like you make efforts to get out of bed. Gradually, life will change and you will know that life is same as it was before disability.