In 1965, a protest song written by P. F. Sloan called “Eve of Destruction” sung by Barry McGuire hit the airwaves. It was a very profound and direct song for its time. I remember listening to it and wondering how we would ever get out of the mess we were in called Vietnam. But more than that, the war of generations was coming to a head. The establishment was no longer something to be blindly obeyed. We questioned everything. And here we are some 46 years later and find ourselves in another fine mess. The economy, the wars, the drugs, even our food has become problematical. Children are silenced with drugs even as babies. Our food is tained with hormones, antibiotics and genetically modified to such an extent that in many cases it has become indigestible. Big Ammo, Big Agra and Big Pharma are seemingly at war with humanity to drug, under-nourish and kill. What has happened to the integrity of our leaders and ourselves?

Yet I sit here almost optimistic and consider us to be on the Eve of Construction. Ten years after that fateful day in September when the Twin Towers stood no more, we have construction, we have a memorial to those who lost their lives, we have a new tower being built at 1 World Trade Center. We have urban farming empowering people to grow their own healthy food, even in the middle of the city. We have artists using their art to enlighten and invoke peace and harmony.

Yes, there is much to be thankful for and much good to create.  Our destiny lies in our hands, and if we deliver from the heart and the soul, we will succeed. It is a brilliant business, this one to create a better civilization. It is the job of each of us. It is time to end the mockery and the pettiness that envelopes our lives. It is time to reach out to our friends and neighbors and show them who we really are – that humanity is basically good.

We cannot let the bad guys win. We must take it upon ourselves to confront and handle what is wrong and move life forward. I do not mean to preach; I just mean to put poetry in the world with a dash of harmony and some beauty. We must sparkle and live our lives to the peak. We must stay loyal to our beliefs. We must seek freedom for all and all for freedom.

We must make it the Eve of Construction.