Keddy Outlaw

Houston artist Keddy A. Outlaw is asking you to share something new that you’ve tried. Simply upload a photo or a short explanation, and you’ll be entered into a drawing for your choice of an original KAO mixed media collage (choices shown below).  Deadline: Midnight CDT June 28. CLICK HERE TO UPLOAD

Keddy says when you try something new, you expand your boundaries.  It’s okay if what you do is “beginnerish” – that’s how you start.   She says you can try ANYTHING. Here are some examples:

  • new sport
  • exercise
  • spiritual practice
  • craft
  • diet
  • outlook
  • travel
  • joining a group
  • or, say, going to a reiki practitioner

Anything new counts

Share here what you’ve done. It’s good for you, and it encourages everyone else to step out of their bounds, too.

Feature Image: The Barbie Within: SoulCollage by KAO