FAT is Fat right?


Up and down. Weight gain and loss. It’s a constant struggle.

BABY FAT?  Whaaaaaat the heck.

Have you ever heard this?

You GAIN (a lot of) weight when you’re PREGO and then it takes forever to lose it.  (unless it falls off you the second that kid comes out) You lose it BUT don’t get “credit” for it.  What the heck!!!

I don’t know about YOU but when I lost that weight (all 3 times and I only had 1 kid) I wanted BELLS and WHISTLES,  APPLAUSE and CHEERS from everyone, so when someone said….OOH that was just “baby weight” you lost…I thought WHAT…excuuuuse me, FAT is FAT thank you very much.

FYI…We women GAIN weight 3 times in our lives for sure…   puberty, pregnancy and for most women, menopause.   (But menopause is not a fat sentence…and weight gain does not have to happen…another blog later)

DID you know that puberty and pregnancy are when you GAIN THE MOST FAT CELLS and those fat cells are with us for LIFE.  When you lose that weight, those fat cells SHRINK but sit like little PAC MEN, “waiting” for extra calories to CHOMP at/swell back up and take up LOTS OF SPACE making us go back UP a pant size.   ugh!

OH and then there is the FRESHMAN 15 that has turned into the FRESHMAN 25 for most since the year 2000 and that is totally controllable if you maintain your FITNESS level…just say’in!

Which FINALLY brings me to a VERY IMPORTANT POINT…I’ve learned over the years (way too many times) that the REACTION from people is NOT what is important, is NOT your goal, is NOT what you really need to maintain your weight loss.

YOU can’t want to lose weight to get that acceptance/reaction from “people”… and if you do, then I say you will more than likely GAIN it all back again since you did not do it for YOU.

YOU want to lose weight or have lost weight FOR YOU,  for your HEALTH, for your LIFE and for your CHILDREN so you can be here for their LIVES.

You will feel better, you will move better and you won’t be so BITCHY come Monday morning when you HAVE TO START ALL OVER AGAIN.

Put yourself FIRST!  Put your HEALTH first!

xoxo Suanne

Fitness FLUNKY turned Trainer 😉