Anti Aging Secrets – Exercise Tips

As we get older, we start to slow down a bit and our bodies don’t work as well as they did when we were young. Our face however is where the effects of aging are most noticeable. Wrinkles and sag show our age as the force of gravity and time take their toll.

Many resort to the surgeon’s scalpel and plastic surgery as a way to turn back the clock. In this article, we are going give you tips on an alternatives to the face-lift and nip and tuck.

Here are some tips in the form of 4 sets of anti-aging face exercises you can do that will perform a natural face lift and are completely natural and are much cheaper than going to see the doctor.

Energize and reconnect with your face.

Because of the way the human brain works, you actually forget about various parts of your body and lose contact with them, as you get older. These tips will help you reconnect and re-energize your face.

Place your finger on top of your head and, while not moving the fingers, move your head to shift the scalp under them. Feel your scalp muscles move against the tension of your fingertips.

Move your fingers down to your forehead. Reconnect and energize the muscles of your forehead by contracting them against the resistance of your fingertips. This isometric contraction exercise tones and removes wrinkles from the brow and forehead.

Move your fingertips down to your eye sockets; contract the muscles around the eyes countering with the tension of your fingertips. Again, this isometric exercise will firm the 6 main muscles that move the eye and help them to focus.

Next, move your fingertips down to your cheeks. Tighten the cheek muscles against the tension exerted by your fingertips.

Gently tap using your finger and follow the contours of your jaw line. You are re-establishing the mind-body link to the jaw and increasing your awareness of your face as a whole.

Softly run your fingers in a sliding caress along the sides of your neck in an up and down motion.

Cup your hands gently on your eyes and face. This is called palming, it will relax and allow your eyes, and face muscles recover. The muscles of your face now should be feeling vibrant and more alive than they have felt in years.

Erasing the signs of aging around the mouth and eyes

  1. Form an oval with your mouth.
  2. Place the tips of your 1st and second fingers against the corners of your eyes.
  3. Move your jaw in a downward direction while countering with the tension of your    fingers.
  4. Hold for 10 – 15 seconds.

For wrinkles around the eyes

  1. Place the thumb and forefinger at the outside of the eye socket.
  2. Gently spread them making the eyes open and stretching the muscles around the eyes.
  3. Close the eyes and feel the resistance against the fingers.
  4. Hold for 15 seconds.
  5. Release the contraction.
  6. Palm your eyes as mentioned previously to relax the eye muscles.
  7. For the Overall wellbeing of the eyes
  8. Look straight up only moving the eyes.
  9. Look straight down.
  10. Look Left.
  11. Look Right.
  12. Look Left.
  13. Look up diagonally to the Left.
  14. Look down diagonally to the Right.
  15. Look up diagonally to the Right.
  16. Look down diagonally to the Left.
  17. In a Half Circle move the eyes up from right to Left.
  18. In a Half Circle move the eyes up from Left to Right.
  19. In a Half Circle move the eyes down from Right to Left.
  20. In a Half Circle move the eyes down from Left to Right.
  21. In a Full Circle, rotate the eyes from Left to Right.
  22. In a Full Circle, rotate the eyes from Right to Left.
  23. Repeat 5 times.

Palm your eyes as mentioned previously to relax the eye muscles.

This series of exercise not only are anti-aging but they also strengthen the eye muscles and in many instances may actually improve your eyesight as well.

You now have a way of rebuilding your face’s youth, re-energize your vitality and take years off your appearance. You now have an alternative to plastic surgery. You can have a healthy and younger looking face in a natural healthy way.

In the final analysis, you have to want to make a change in your life. Only you can take the steps to bring back your face’s health and energy as no one can do this for you. You have to decide to act now. Time will continue to take its toll unless you fight back and reclaim your your life.