Get Ready For Spring Warmth Through Organization

before and after spring cleaning

Spring activities are in full swing. However, if the winter has taken a toll on your house and you find your stuff unorganized you may not be as ready for Spring and Summer as you’d like to be. Use the following tips to get ready for the warmth and fun of Spring through and organization.

Declutter: Start off by cutting down on the clutter that has accumulated over the winter. Throw away and/or donate things that you won’t use again. Ask yourself when the last time you used something was.

Deep Clean: Take time to deep clean each of your rooms. Do cleaning that you wouldn’t normally do, like cleaning the baseboards and cleaning the inside and outside of windows.

Organize Based On Function: Put frequently used items in a space that is easy to reach. Put out of season items higher up. Overhead racks are a great option for less frequently used items. Cabinets are also good for things that you use frequently that you may want to be kept out of the reach of children and or pets.

Make Special Spaces: The garage is a common place to store sports equipment and other spring outdoor equipment. Store like items together and consider designating areas just for sports equipment, garden tools, and other items you might use. That way finding what you’re looking for will be a breeze.

Family Binder: It’s important to stay organized. This means the cooperation of the entire family. Having a family binder allows everyone to know where they can find something. is a free online organizer and calendar that can be accessed by mobile phone or computer and it perfect for a busy family.