Are You Toxic?

How you begin your day will dictate your day and it can all be related back to the question, Are You Toxic?

Have you ever been in the room when a person walks in and you can just feel the energy in the room change…literally? Everyone become on edge, gets nervous, or just disappears and, all of the sudden, finds somewhere else to be?  Could this be because they are toxic?

We hear about toxins in our foods and how they are in our body and that they affect our lives. I’m just learning about this type of toxins. What I really want to talk about is the personal toxins that you allow into your day.

toxic peopleI have had toxic people in my life. They made me feel sad, depressed and sucked the life out of me. I would watch their number come up on my phone and think (sometimes out loud)….ugh! What do they want now? They just could not seem to find anything to be happy about. (I wonder if they have heard Pharrell Williams song yet?)

A toxic person can sap you of your energy and spirit. I know that it isn’t easy to keep your positive attitude, when they are just so negative. A negative attitude can be even more contagious than a positive attitude.

The negative attitude and mood of a toxic person can be: anger, sadness, complaints, clinginess and gossip. So how do you break away from the negative energy?

  1. Determine to be in charge of your own attitude.
  2. Listen to your own actions and words and how different they are from the other person.
  3. Do not be sucked into their world, environment and negativity.

I get more done and stay more organized when I am have a positive attitude and am around happy people.

The main reason for writing this post is because I really want to share with you how I have overcome everything listed above. And how all of this will and can affect your ability to stay organized.

Being around negative and toxic people will shift our focus from what we know we should be doing to  unproductive, unfocused and unstructured activities. The best laid plans, To Do Lists and efforts can be tossed down the drain because you allow someone else to change the thoughts that are going through your head.

Some call allowing these thoughts to come into your head excuses. I don’t necessarily agree with that statement. However, I do know that the thoughts that we allow ourselves to think and the words that we allow ourselves to hear affect our attitude, mood and ability to be productive.

Shifting your focus away from toxic and negative people does not mean that you don’t care about them or what is happening in their lives! It simply means that you are making a conscious choice stay focused on what is important and what will make a positive impact on your day. Instead of allowing them to change your focus, allow them to follow you. This impact that you will have on them can change their lives.

And how does this all relate to being organized? Just absolutely everything! Wishing you a positive and happy day!

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