you as friendGetting To Know You

You know that person who always watches you while you brush your teeth?

Yeah, that’s you, in the mirror… How well do you know that person?

For me, I know, of course, that he brushes his teeth promptly at 7:43 AM and 10:15 PM everyday. I know he spends way too much money on a bar of soap, and that the labels of every product in the cabinet behind him must be facing forward, arranged by type, then by size. But do I know why he is so neurotic, and fond of luxury?

Yes, I do, but I’ve spent years in therapy, on meditation retreats, and learned early on that you must know yourself before you can know anything about the world or other people.

But, this isn’t about me, or my neuroses. This is about you… and you… and, of course, you, the one in the corner hiding.

How well do you know yourself? Do you know what motivates your soul? What traits your truelove would have that would make you swoon? Or, what kind of lover you are?

On Wednesday, February 1st, Kay will be joined by Aryn Quinn (and perhaps even myself) to discuss how the study of numerology can help guide you to better understand yourself, your partner, and your world.

I have been working with Aryn on an app called Numbo [nuhm-bo] for over a year now, and this baby has just been born!

Numbo is not only an app, it is a verb!

Numbo: to engage with your world through numbers; to connect with oneself using Numbo.

Okay, I get it, but how does it work and how on earth can numbers define me?

Glad you asked! Next time, raise your hand, please…

It is based on time-tested formulas coupled with modern perspectives and an upbeat philosophy. Providing only your name and date of birth, Numbo creates insightful and relevant readings about you, your family and your friends. In other words, Numbo makes it easier for people to more deeply understand and appreciate themselves along with all the other people in their lives.

Are you ready to Numbo?

apYeah? Well, you will have to tune in, better yet, call in, and we will do your Numbo right on the air! Don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt: just relax, listen about your profile and enjoy getting to know the inner-you!

If you are just itching for a taste of Numbo now, you can download it in the app store, here.

Join Kay ((LIVE)) Wednesdays at 11 am — 12 pm  EST, online at

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