Ok, I’ve just taken my aneurism medication… I do not know what this first-person shooter stuff is, but I can tell you that it had a whole different meaning back when I spent my nights at Studio 54… Hildamae was a straight-shooter, well, sometimes, much of the time she could be found lying on the chaise with coldcream on her face, valium in her head, and a Bombay martini in her hand—always with three olives: never two, never four… only three.

Anyway, my dear friend, and political nemesis, Les Thomas, will be joining me on Friday for a lively discussion about his ongoing project with sex-symbol Sybil Danning.

Bear in mind, when Les and I talk, we invariably get stuck on the topic of politics. Even though we are both liberal, he disagrees strongly when it comes to speaking of politics. I will do my very best to keep my blood pressure down if Les “goes there”…  I don’t want a screaming match on The Colin Lively Show, nor blood on the wall. Consuelo hates scrubbing bloodstains out of the carpets…

And I will do my utmost to avoid taking God’s name in vain. No guarantees, however.

Back to my point, Les, by the way, is reinventing the video gaming world with his new “cloud-based” game entitled Ruger. The game, which is currently in development and expected to drop in Q3 2012, is highly-stylized in a comic book fashion and is loosely based on the 1989 movie L.A. Bounty, wherein Sybil Danning played her iconic character Ruger; a sexy, bountiful ex-LAPD cop turned bounty hunter.

Les wants to replace all those Atari game systems that everyone is using today, and make his system available on the cloud… My head is always in the clouds, so I think there is great potential here… In Rainelle, we only had Bridge, and we lived in the clouds, so, when Hildamae’s blood pressure started skyrocketing because the house was about to start losing (despite the cards she kept hidden up her long white satin gloves), she would be stricken with “altitude sickness,” only moments before she was about to play her losing hand. Needless to say, she never lost a game of Bridge.

Did I mention that Sybil Danning has reached a modeling agreement with Dzmitry Samal to wear his videogame inspired sunglasses worldwide? Well she did, and when I get my SWAG, I’ll flash these handmade french beauties in an upcoming post.

Join Colin Lively ((LIVE)) Friday, 2-3 pm EST, online at www.HereWomenTalk.com.

Chat-in or call-in 877-500-ZEUS (9387)