The other day I was comfortably sitting on an uptown bus. The bus was packed, and I was one of the lucky ones to get a seat, while others hovered over me trying not to fall when the bus lurched….which was often.

I chanced to look up as new people ascended the steps. Suddenly I saw something that was truly scary…a young boy, about 12, had breasts! Now I’ve known about the dangers of hormones in food for decades. In the 60’s I was a consumer advocate for organic farming, and testified before government agencies warning them of the danger of pesticides and other dangerous chemicals that are irresponsibly being foisted on the public as safe.

Over the next two decades I’ve watched as early warnings from concerned individuals went either unnoticed, or blatantly contradicted. The public was buying the lies…and ingesting the chemical-ridden foods and cosmetics.

Enter the aging population’s desire for eternal youth and the chance for the pharmaceutical and medical establishment to cash in!

And who could have been one of its victims? Me! How come I was almost roped in?

Well, as a woman who wants to be sexually active/attractive for my entire age, the thought that menopause would deprive me of that, sent me running to my gynecologist. What did he do? First he assured me that I needn’t worry, and that hormone replacement therapy would guarantee that I could be sexual for years to come (Can’t resist the “cum” pun here).

So off I went to the pharmacy, prescription in happy hand, believing my fear was answered. I took the pills and began staining. I knew this was a dangerous warning, and I discontinued taking the pills. No matter what my trusted doctor said, no way would I follow his advice.


Fortunately, my search led me to the herb, Royal Maca which I’ve been faithfully using for decades. The proof of the pudding? At 74, I was just dubbed by the Learning Channel’s series “Strange Sex” as the QUINTESSENTIAL COUGAR!

The only source I fully trust is WHOLE WORLD BOTANICALS. (By the way, I do not get paid for endorsing them!) To be effective and safe, herbs must come from one source, and that source must be the original soil in which the herb was traditionally grown. Their herbs fit the bill, as they are all single source indigenous.

To get back to that unfortunate young man on the bus…

Thousands of women are taking HRT, and when they urinate, the hormones go into our water supply! Yes. Then there are the hormones added to meat to fatten it. And even plastic wrap has hormones in it. Hormones are entering our food and water supply at an alarming rate.

The result? Possibly more cancer of all types, and at younger and younger ages, body distortions, mutations in our cells…and God knows what else.

I am both warning and urging women…and men too…


It might just save your life…and help our precious Planet rid itself of being a victim of horridly destructive chemicals.

The choice is yours!

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