Bribery, Police Corruption and Women in Prison

After 32 years as a fugitive, Marie Walsh aka Susan LeFevre joins us on Broadsided to talk about A Tale of Two Lives – The Susan LeFevre Fugitive Story.  She’ll tell about what initially landed her in prison, life on the run, and more importantly, what happened to her when she was sent back to jail and how she was nearly kept from being released. (see 2-minute video, below)

You’ve seen her on Oprah and The Today Show. BUT, she’s telling us what she didn’t tell them.

Marie Walsh

At age 19, the then Susan Lefevre took a seemingly harmless ride with a friend who wanted to get pizza. That friend sold a small quantity of drugs to undercover police, and Marie was arrested, too.

Promised probation for a guilty plea, she instead fell victim to corruption, prosecutorial misconduct, and was sentenced to 10-20 yrs in prison.  She escaped, changed her name, married, had children and lived a model-citizen’s life — until her past caught up with her.

Vicki Childs

Carol Baker

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