This year I know I will create and sell more artwork and I will publish several articles and pen popular columns on  thriving on the edge. I will be living in and with my art all around me. I am going to be paid handsomely for my creative creations and people will laugh and learn from my writings. And as I write this, a part of me is cringing. Holy crap, where do I get off thinking I am entitled to all of this?

Did I mention that I will also release those twenty pounds that mock me every time I put on my jeans, I will get more sleep, and I will stay away from people who suck the life out of me? Yeah, the latter three goals I can say without hesitation but declaring that I will be the artist and writer the world needs me to be sounds a bit egoistical.

Well, get over it.

The new me is here.

A dear friend, Lori Fields, founder of, sent me a New Year’s note that read: Happy New Year woman of wit, wisdom, sarcastic genius, artistic talent and REAL beauty.

Wow, I thought. Lori, who is such an inspiring woman, wrote a very empowering and loving note and mistakenly sent it to the wrong person. And then I stopped and read it again and thought that I need to stop all this negative talk and embrace my truth and the truth that Lori and other people see in me. And that is that I am a woman of wit, wisdom, sarcastic genius, artistic talent and REAL beauty.

It feels new and maybe a tad awkward, but I am going to wear it well. And once these thoughts become part of how I view my life, I will fit back into my jeans, I will sleep without interruption and negative people will start to embrace their greatness. And Javier Bardem will call. Well, 3 out of 4 is pretty bloody good.

So what sort of compliments will make your life feel exciting and filled with possibilities? You can borrow mine, but then you will have to get your own.

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