auraQuestion from Here Women Talk Reader:  If everyone has an aura, why can’t I see them?

Most people often do see an aura but disbelieve what they see or chalk it up to something it really is not.  So what is an aura? Is it some weird light like a halo around certain people’s crown?  In order to learn to see an aura one must understand what an aura is. There is absolutely nothing mystical or magical about the process of seeing an aura.  It simply requires some understanding of what you are looking for. There are many definitions for auras.  Simply it is an energy field that surrounds anything that has an atomic structure.

The human aura is the energy field that surrounds you. It is usually either an elliptical or egg shape. It is different sizes and colors for every person. The size and color can change at any given time. This is one reason why it is difficult to describe exactly what it is that you are looking to see. The size and coloring vitalized in your auric field means that you have more energy to do things, feel things, and be with things.

When an auric field is weak it is usually from outside influences that are causing stress such as health problems, or life situations that drain you .There are two aspects to the human aura field. One is the energies of your subtle body.  These are the energy waves that surround you closest to your body. The function of this aura field is to regulate your physical life and spiritual life; sort of a protection field surrounding you. The second aspect is the auric emanations. This is the energy field that absorbs from the energies around you. The energies of nature are easily absorbed which is one reason many old religions practiced their faiths outside with nature.  Every auric field has its own energy frequency. Your aura is not like any other persons aura. It is unique to you alone. Similarities do exist between peoples energies fields, but they will never be identical. They are made up of sound, light and electromagnetic fields of varying strength and intensity. Have you thought, “boy I really hit it off with Bob” or feeling completely drained after spending time with a person? These are the exchange of auric energies. Your aura will interact with the auric fields of others; sometimes in a positive manner and other times in a defined negative manner. Understanding this aspect of auras is vital to your spiritual well-being.

Nature on the other hand always interacts with your aura field in a positive manner. For example, if you sit underneath a pine tree it will almost feel cleansing to your soul. That is the effect of the tree’s aura on your own. The same thing is true with stones and crystals; the different auric or energy field of the stone can influence your own. I always carry certain crystals on my person. The crystal stones that I carry keep my auric field balanced and calm and offer a protection from other person’s auric fields.

Actually seeing the auric field is not a metaphysical gift as much as it is a physical trait learned. There are two different ways to see an aura – intuitively or objectively. The difference is that intuitively you do not actually see the aura with your physical eyes. It is projected into your mind’s eye instead. Objectively seeing an aura is seeing it with your physical eye. Both methods are equal relative to consistency of seeing the energy field. Seeing an aura is not the hard part, interpreting what the colors means is where the specialized knowledge comes into play.

You can train your eyes to take in and translate the light spectrum of colors that it is seeing. To train your eyes you must understand the eye itself. There is a pupil that is a small opening in the center of your eye that allows light to enter. The pupil of your eye can be adjusted to let more or less light in. The iris is the part of the eye that opens and closes the pupil. Just like any muscle the more you use it the stronger it becomes.  One good exercise to strengthen your iris muscle is the spiral chart. It strengthens the depth of vision and keeps both iris muscles working equally.

When you look at a simple black spiral focus on the center of the spiral, concentrate on just the center part of the spiral. Find a point deep within the tunnel that the spiral design creates. Now slowly draw your focus out of the spiral taking the center point with you., as though you are mentally pulling the center point out to reverse the direction of the spiral.

Another exercise with this same spiral chart is to follow the thin black line into the center with your iris muscle and to follow it back out. These simple exercises should not be performed longer than five minutes a day. You will find that your inner eye muscles are working throughout both of those exercises. This will allow you to eventually see more of the light color spectrum surrounding people.

To practice seeing other people’s auric energy field after training your iris muscles for 2-3 weeks, have a partner stand against a white wall in a dimly lit room. Stand 8 feet away (the key is to be able to see your partner from head to toe with a white wall surrounding them. Focus your line of sight at your partner’s forehead and circle the eyes around the body of your partner in a clockwise direction. Do this as quickly as possible for several times. Return your focus to the top of the head and concentrate your focus there for 15 seconds and then shift your focus to a soft one that encompasses a wide area around the body. Hold this focus passively observing for a period of time. Most often you will see the auric field at first around your partner’s head.

Practice all of these exercises and you will begin to see the auras of others around you. Carry a stone or crystal in your pocket or wear as a necklace and notice if people begin to comment on your appearance. Asking you why you seem so calm, or so chipper, or perhaps even why you are glowing!