These days companies are jumping on the “Organic”, “Natural”. “Healthy” bandwagon. Of course, it’s good business, whether the claims are truthful or not! So now as you walk through the aisles of your local market, you’re sure to see these words highlighted on packages from cereals to desserts.

The first clue that they’re misrepresenting comes from the wording on the package. If it screams in large print “made WITH” instead of “made OF“… watch out! That means that although there’s a bit of good stuff in it (like whole grains) most of the other ingredients are sugar, refined grains, preservatives, additives, chemicals, artificial colors and flavors, and worst of all, GMOs (genetically modified organisms!)

Hattie says: If the label screams "Healthy" "Natural" even "Organic"-- Beware!


It’s a shame that companies are using words to rope you in when actually their products are inferior, and often detrimental to your health. My rule of thumb is that if it contains ingredients that you don’t easily recognize, pass them by and look for another product. Thankfully there are still some great companies out there, like Arrowhead Mills, Shiloh Farms and Bob’s Organic.

Don’t let this new information scare you off. I want to assure you that knowing about how much “bad” stuff is out there won’t make shopping a yucky experience. Just the opposite! Becoming more knowledgeable and avoiding pitfalls, makes shopping an adventure… like a Treasure Hunt.
Just watch… No sooner do you say “no” to the unhealthy stuff, all sorts of wonderful, delicious, healthy choices will show up! That’s what happened to me, and it feels great! I welcome you to a world of new choices that add to your health, your vitality, your beauty… and, of course, your sexuality.

Here’s to healthy, happy eating!