Our Universe is huge, but small enough to embrace. If we take the day and days like a bull by the horn and think positive, the universe will comply. If we start the day with complaints the universe will respond with the negative. Many people have bitter complaints and enjoy people’s heartaches. Some are willing to think of how they can create a rainy day into a room filled with colorful flowers?

Create a picture in your mind and think about allowing yourself to be still. Think of all of the clocks stopping. Nothing moving, no sounds but your own silence that is heard. If thoughts come in, let them go out as easily as they came into your mind.Have you ever placed a battery in a toy and watched it move like a robot? Pretend you are without batteries and are free of anyone’s thoughts. Remove the negative thoughts by telling yourself,  just for a while I will think of only things that make me smile. Allow positive thoughts to manifest into the universe, but only positive thoughts. If a negative thought comes into view, pretend that you hit trash and delete it.

Think of whatever makes you feel tranquil and at peace with yourself. Try not to be too hard on yourself. Use color. Think of color. Paint color. Watch color. Feel color. Allow for color to be the main focus of your thoughts.Think of people who make you smile and bring your spirits up high. Make a list of people who are there for you. Remove those who are draining energy, clean house. It is important to understand that the physical being is here to learn in our school. Whatever lesson it is that you have incarnated in the physical is to better yourself. By doing so, there are three levels of learning on the other veil. It is all based on how well you successfully accomplish your planned incantation in the physical to determine what level you will be when you return home. Our objective needs to be kind to others and forgive but not forget, thus each one of us comes into this world with a lesson that needs to be revised. Try to think what that lesson might be. It could deal with relationships, treating people equally, realizing that money is not the all being, learning about being humble, not being cruel and vindictive by getting pleasure out of peoples sorrows.

Just take quiet time to think and reflect about what it is that you need to work with in your physical being. No one is without fault.

It only matters if you can accept your fault and work with it. Take time to say you are sorry if you mean it and only if you mean it to those who deserve your apology. Take time and tell those who you love and do not wait until tomorrow because tomorrow could be too late. Do not wait for an anniversary or a birthday to express your feelings. People come into our lives for a reason. Sometimes it is permanent and other times it is considered a chapter. Stop being so hard on yourself. Just accept that things happen for a reason. Things just do not happen without a reason. If you take time to think of all of the things that have transpired, take time to think about what the reason entailed. Again, things do not happen without reason.

Take time to appreciate, show gratitude and love. Yes, life is filled with pain, trials and tribulations. Take time to know yourself and understand both components of whom you are, both positive as well as negative and work to excel with your positive. Learn about your negative aspects and place emphasis on this aspect to better yourself. Learn to think positive. It may not be easy but the energy associated with worry and fear is wasting energy that needs to be fixed on planting positive thoughts into the Universe.