Julie Rust

Julie Rust, like you’ve never heard her before. LIVE in our studio Wednesday, 11am EDT. Watch via studio cam.

You may know Julie Rust as an inspirational musician. Wife and mother to two daughters, Julie Rust from Nashville, TN, has dedicated her life to the art of making music that is intentionally written to inspire, uplift, heal and enlighten.

When she joins us Wednesday, you’ll also learn how she healed herself from near death with the help of medical intuitive Dr. Mona Lisa Schulz, an M.D. who crosses the borders of science, medicine and mysticism.

We’ll talk with Julie about her thoughts on death after the sudden passing of her sister last week.

And we’ll ask Julie about Meher Baba and the Meher Spiritual Center where she is nourishing her soul this week. The Center, a pristine 500-acre retreat nestled in a pine forest on the ocean in Myrtle Beach, is a place for spiritual renewal and to provide information about Indian spiritual teacher Meher Baba.

Colin Lively

And of course, the hour would not be complete without our own lovable Colin Lively and CLZ. Colin is fascinated by Julie’s story and I’m sure he’ll have a lively chat with Julie as well.

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