Laurie Garrett

Laurie Garrett, Pulitzer prize-winning science journalist and writer of two bestselling books joins us this week on BROADSIDED to discuss her work as a Senior Fellow for the Council on Foreign Relations.  She has worked on a broad variety of issues including SARS, avian flu, tuberculosis, malaria, shipping container clinics and the intersection of HIV/AIDS and national security.  Laurie is the recipient of a Peabody Award in broadcasting for a documentary series she co-produced and Laurie has written articles that have appeared on the cover of prestigious publications like Newsweek Magazine. She wrote a book entitled I Heard the Sirens Scream, that discusses America’s response to the 9/11 and anthrax attacks.  She’ll be with us for the first part of the show – we have so many questions to ask and we’re delighted to have her!

Alan Jacobson

Next up will be Alan Jacobson, the national bestselling author of six thrillers, the latter four featuring FBI profiler Karen Vail. Jacobson did seven years of intensive research with members of the elite FBI Behavioral Analysis Unit. His latest release is Inmate 1577, set on Alcatraz Island.  The legendary Clive Cussler called Inmate 1577 “a powerful thriller, brilliantly conceived and written.”

Mark Safarik

It would only stand to reason that Alan would be drawn to our final guest, Mark Safarik.  Mark is a former Senior FBI profiler and Supervisory Special Agent. His law enforcement career spans 30 years, the latter 12 with the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit;  Mark is currently executive director of Forensic Behavioral Services International and will be starring in NBC’s new Cloo network series, Killer Instinct.  On the show, Mark will demonstrate his unique ability to interpret crime scenes and violent criminal behavior.  His expertise into the minds and motives of thousands of killers helped solve some of the country’s most high-profile cases.

Here’s a look at Laurie Garrett talking about the immediate aftermath of 9/11:

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