*Personal Note and Warning* What you’re about to read may infuriate you as all of the information I have received concerning this has made my blood boil!  Sometimes it’s a little hard to write about things such as this without placing my own feelings in it and completely going off on a tangent- However,  I’ve kept a lot of other content out but have written just a few basic concepts of this ugly truth…

October is recognized as National Domestic Violence Awareness month, however, this concept and fact seems to elude some people whom think they’re better than others and that the ugly picture of domestic violence doesn’t apply to them.  Sadly, I’m talking about some foster parents that work for various  Family Social Service Agencies  and I’m positive, there are some, and the same, kind of people who work for the governments Social Services.

What’s bad is when a child has to be removed from their biological family for whatever reason, (or no reason at all,) but what is worse- is when they’re placed in an abusive, non-caring, non-complying foster home!  The social workers aren’t aware of some of these foster parents activities as they get good at lying and manipulating the system along with basically terrorizing the children who are already traumatized.


One child, age fourteen, let’s call her, “Alice,” was taken away from her mother who had a problem with drugs and alcohol, only to be placed in a foster home where the foster mother took all of the money that was allotted from the government for the child, used it on herself by going out to bars to party- buying her own beer and wine to stock her house full of it.  This foster mother drank from sun up to sun down!  She also has a problem with an addiction to pain medication.

The days the social worker was to show up for home inspection, she’d remain sober, and acted all loving and caring toward Alice.  The rest of the time however, she called her terrible names, and treated her like garbage.

One day, Alice asked the social worker, “why was I taken away from my mother who drinks and parties, and you put me here with another woman who does the same?”

Of course, the foster mother got indignant and accused the girl of lying!  She had become such a practiced smooth talker that she had the social worker convinced Alice was indeed lying.

Another time, the same foster mother had a little boy under the age of ten in her care.  He had been taken from his mother because she had a drug addiction.  This young guy was already tramatized by what his mother did, plus being removed from what he knew as home- only to be placed with someone who yelled at him continuously, telling him, he was no better than his crack head mother.  She’d go as far as to tell him, he would never amount to anything and he just might as well end it and kill himself with the same drugs his mother used!  The whole time this child was in her care, she screamed at him, constantly belittling him.

She would use the foster children to clean her home and her husband would have them do manual, back breaking work outside.  She’d lock the food away so they couldn’t eat anything extra other that what she allowed them to eat… peanut butter sandwiches and Ramen Noodles.

When it came time for these children to go to a doctor, she wouldn’t take them and let them suffer through whatever had inflicted their well being by locking them in their rooms.  She wouldn’t buy them clothing…

The last foster daughter she had, didn’t even own a winter coat until just recently, and that is because she’s of age to leave.  This poor girl went without any winter clothing, or new clothing for a period of a few years while she remained in this home.  During these years there, when Christmas rolled around, she didn’t receive any gifts on Christmas Day, but had to sit and watch this woman and her husband open theirs.

There’s so much more this woman did to mentally and verbally abuse these young victims of life.  No wonder, the children go bad or kill themselves.   The ones who were teenagers in her home, have now ended up on the streets, in trouble with the law or just completely lost on drugs.

This woman is no longer a foster mother however, but the damage has been done worse than what the biological parents ever did to their children.

I do know for a fact, there are very good foster homes out there- people who truly cares about the children, but people like this one particular lady I’m speaking about, only cares for the financial aspect that comes along with being a foster parent.  She could care less about these children and has proven this time and time again.

Sometimes, the social workers do need to listen to the children…