With the end of the month of October just around the corner, so ends National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Last Friday we were honored to engage in an informative conversation with one of the most positive and influential activists in the Breast Cancer community, Amanda Powell Wooten. Amanda’s approach to natural healing, and dedication to serving her community to the absolute best of her ability is inspiring.

“One woman called me this morning and said, “I’m not going to make it to class on Monday. I just had treatments, they put a new port in, and I’m just feeling really down.” So I gave her other options. She doesn’t have to come to Yoga. We could do a light touch healing session with Reiki, or an energy healing of that nature. There are different adaptations in the Yoga postures. Most important is to find an alignment and then take action. Action could be movement, it could be the breathing practices, it could be relaxation techniques, imagery, or meditation. What I’ve done is aligned myself with a set of powerful healing tools in order to work with everyone. We’re all in it together. We have to activate ourselves through a vibrational level of progression and expansion.”

We also warmly welcomed Shakti-inspired Kimberly Ann Johnson and examined with her the Divine Femininity. Kimberly shared with us the different ways that having a child grounded her effectively putting on her earth boots. We also explored our need as women to align ourselves with the cycles of the moon, and how to live exclusively in the present moment.

“Independent of whether you use your womb to have a child occupy it, we all have a womb. It’s that connection with the womb energy and with the moon that’s at the heart of our ability to move into that and it’s imperative for every woman. Our cycles are extremely deregulated based on birth control, based on western medicine intentionally trying to reverse our natural cycle in order for fertility to be more under control. We need to get back in cycle with the moon. My earth boots mean I can’t just go wherever I want. I’m a gypsy. I always had $1200 on my bank account for my next trip to India. I based my life on my next teacher training, or my next practice experience and India. Now my earth boots are on. Now I have to put myself out there because I am supporting a family. Whatever insecurities, or whatever doubt, or whatever desire to focus on myself and my practice that I might have had, now the universe is like well now you get to put it into practice, now you get to try and unravel and unpack everything that you understand and share it.”

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This article was lovingly assembled and transcribed by #WIMG’s Incredible Intern, Social Media Maven, and Radio Broadcast Expert Jennifer Cusano. Check out more of Jenn’s exceptionally skillful work and wordsmithery on Here Women Talk, elephant journal, and LinkedIn.