Life and Death… Murder…Mayhem… Blood …. Splattered Brains…. SuperModels….Sleeping Pills in the Night Stand… Booze…Unrequited Sex…  all this and more, much more, on this week’s Colin Lively Show.

It’s Nora’s big day.. AT LAST the lingerie queen is making her comeback, and every one will be there. The Press. The Photographers. The Bloggers. Rumors flying that Ryan Seacrest, himself, will be there. She has employed that uber-fabulous Colin Lively to do her hair, and celebrity makeup artist, Christopher Drummond is doing her makeup.

Elegante Car Service Black Lincoln Continental will pull up in front of Lincoln Center at exactly 2 pm on Friday. First Max von Schtick will step out of the car onto the Red Carpet. Max, once, maybe still, the most dazzlingly handsome man in New York City, has been Nora’s loyal companion, and sole beneficiary of her estate. People say he is even better looking than Tyrone Power, and I believe that to be so. Max will be wearing a Navy Blue Brioni suit and a dark Oxblood shoes from none other than Belgian Shoes.

Then Nora will gracefully step from the Limousine, amidst a blaze of flashbulbs and WELCOME BACK NORA screams from all of the eagerly awaiting fashion victims. Most of them following Karen Carpenter’s diet.

SKANKS billboards are every where. SKANKS are the long anticipated body shapers which will allow the women of America to have that ice cream sundae after every meal, and it won’t show. Soon SKANKS will be in the closets of women all over world. And Nora will be as wealthy as Sara Blakely.

BUT, just behind Nora comes none other than the Evil Betty Ruay , on the arm of hitman, Mugsy Balone. “Hello, Nora”, says Betty. “Oh, hello Betty, and hello Mugsy. Are you here for the SKANKS show?”..”Why yes, Nora, that is exactly why we are here. For the SKANKS show.”. “Oh Betty, I am so touched. This show is absolutely going to kill them, Betty”..”Yes, Nora, for sure. This show is going to slay them. See you inside Nora, and  nice to see you too, Max. I see Joan Rivers and Melissa beckoning me. We will catch up later”. ..

But where’s Moe. No where to be seen? and the Judas herself, Ashley Madison. hmmm…

Siren’s Heart: Norma Jean & Marilyn in Purgatory

Opened this week in New York at the Actors Temple.

Louisa Bradshaw commands the stage for a full 90 minutes as she reveals the tortured life, not of Marilyn Monroe, but of Norma Jean Baker. Imagine oneself being trapped inside a fictional character. Marilyn Monroe was not a person, but a persona. Norma Jean was an actor playing an actor. Did Norma Jean murder Marilyn to finally be free?