Take Center Stage in your World


When I was a little girl, I loved to play the game “Mystery Date.”   My friend Elaine had the boardgame. You never knew if you would get the “dressed for camping” card or the Gorgeous guy with a corsage who was tuxedo clad.

Throughout my “9 lives,” I’ve learned that being “ready” for your dates is the Golden Key for finding Romance, Success, Fame (if you so desire ) for being at the Top of your chosen game.

You see, it’s not about whether you encounter the Frog or the Prince,  it’s what you do during your intermission, it’s about determination and common sense. Polish, edit, write, re-write, choreograph each movement that you make; put your all into every step you take.

Prepare. Prepare. Prepare.  Practice does make perfect. Dedication, determination, obsession, drive, ambition and a big lump of ego… will all blend to make your Potion for Success.

When I was a young dancer, I would practice way into the night. Carefully placing the needle on my chosen record, the timing had to be precise. I would go to the radio station, to have my dance song put on tape. Wwe would sit for hours to get just the right “splice.”  Sewing on sequins, rhinestones and lace, picking the ultimate record, painting my tap shoes and “performance face.”

Practicing my solos, I spent untold hours on the floor, shuffling and turning until I could turn no more. Aching muscles, blistered heels, taped up toes and a sweaty brow, all working in my favor, preparing me for my curtsey and “winner’s bow!”

When I was the proud director of  “Jennifer’s School of Dance,”  I taught each of my students to not only dance but “entrance.”  My first lesson to them was You are “fabulous and Great,” now get on the stage, it’s your chance to celebrate. My dancers were known not only for their fantastical footwork and finesse, but also their eyes, graceful arms and their unique “styles” made them the best.

When, after my “Tower Moment,” my time as a “World Dancer” turned to a life as a Tarot Counselor, I devoted my life to my Tarot Cards and practice. Each member of the Arcana divine and unique, each Card with a message, a “Sermon” to speak. I carry with me each day, in all that I do, I must be prepared, be my Best, and be ready to greet my dreams when they “come true.” Many chances for fortune, for abundance, will present themselves to you; will you be ready when they come for you?

I’ve come to realize, as a Tarot Counselor I am one of the ultimate Best. I’m studied, gifted and spiritually blessed! I’m worthy, knowledgeable, immersed in my craft. Much I have learned, hung like the Hanged Man and as the Phoenix of Judgment, I’ve been burned.

The Hanged Woman dives deeper, into her soul.. and the Phoenix of the Judgment.. rises again to rock and roll!

I always tell my Mother, before she goes to the store, “Put on your lipstick, before you go out that door.” Think about it; if you’re looking for love and desiring your soulmate, when you go out, do you appear as a desirable date? Are you wearing a frown? Instead of flashing your smile around, are you looking dull and staring down?

Take a look in your mirror, before you go on your life’s stage. Practice your entrance. Entrance. Engage. Write in your most beautiful cursive, on each of your journal’s page.

Be ready for your date with fate! Seize your moment; there’s no time to wait!

Love and Enchantment