Don’t Walk in My Shoes

When a person goes ahead and finds something wrong with your thinking and chooses to judge you, do you feel as though they have not been in your position and look down at you?  They are overstepping their bounds.  Don’t walk in my shoes.

It is selfish and oblivious for those to judge others when they haven’t been in their situation, perhaps a similar one at that, but not in your situation. Each situation is different. We can think about their lack of knowledge and their being self-absorbed with their own experience and assuming that it equals your experience. It is pure stupidity.

Shame on them.
Don’t walk in anyone else’s shoes.

A teacher once told the child’s parents that they needed to be better communicators with their child. They needed to be on the same page. This was terribly wrong when this teacher explained his personal breakup of his marriage and felt since his marriage was amenable that the parents needed to be the same way. Oddly enough, this was not the case. The parent expressed herself to the head master and therapist and informed them about how her divorce was completely different from that of this ignoramus teacher who was out to judge. It was clearly explained how it wasn’t a toilet bowl lid that was left open and that it entailed a totally different situation involving criminal complications. This was not an average divorce. An apology was offered but stupid people mock those when they aren’t even walking in their shoes. We call them pure ignoramuses’.

How many people have looked for the negative in other people, call up their boss and are rearing to complain. Well there are more people who go ahead and make life miserable for them.

Sadly enough, it is a parallel situation where there are those who make a phone call and compliment those who do a nice job and thus make them feel positive by contacting their employee and telling them that the person they hired has done such a fabulous job. Sadly enough, it is those who find true comfort with making others feel scared and in pain in order to make themselves feel stronger and that allows these pathetic people sadly treasure this call to build up their insecurity and self-esteem. Hard to imagine that this is really done because in a nice world there would be so much love and compassion and care, but those who cannot and have not been in someone elses shoes will find the way to make judgments. They only know of what they can see and are not able to understand others who have been through issues that are different.

How can we as people help in determining those who have not experienced their thinking skills and pretend they have been there? Does this make sense? I most definitely do not think so. Nor can I fathom this behavior. I view it, as misery loves comfort.

How many people can take constructive criticism or even realize that judging someone even after they have not experienced the experience that the other person has encountered have been clearly able to revise their thoughts when that have experienced what the person who has been in the situation. I try to understand the hidden psychology of the person but there is so much lack of compassion in the world as opposed to compassion where there is love and divine understanding.