Never Try Walking in Someone Else’s Shoes!

Never try walking in someone else’s shoes. Huge mistake. You don’t know how they will fit. Try and learn compassion even if there are dark clouds overhead. Try and believe what you believe, but have an open mind allowing yourself to learn . Think outside of the box. Do NOT be complacent because you never know what the future holds for you. Learn that not all people have kindness and these are the ones we need to release, send away with kindness and wish them lessons for growth and harmony.

Those who hold hatred within themselves are insecure and need money to show empowerment. These are souls trying to destroy those who were there for them when they were falling. Those who abandon families will eventually fall and learn the very hard way. I promise. Those who are wonderful pathological liars will eventually get caught. They come across as kind and wonderful but in reality have many psychological issues. They are the ones that feel they do NOT need counseling. As it is said, mental illness can be inherited thus it is essential for the person to recognize or listen to someone to seek it out. Sociopaths inflict pain and thrive on vulnerable people who are kind and goodhearted.

Those who hurt others including their own children will suffer at one point in this life. Those who do this feel they have not done wrong,they see themselves as poor me and express that to society. Yet they have sinned.

They have not learned or are unable to learn what is right and what is wrong. Those who choose to mock others will eventually be pegged. Friends will always stand behind those who are true friends.

Parents are only people. It’s easy to be a father but it takes quite a lot to be a real dad. Childhood plays a strong component in mental health issues, generally evolving from the mother or father, thus we need to understand that genetics plays a major part in the development of peoples mental health care.

It is also important to learn that people who grow up learning that stealing is okay and lying is fine and cheating is acceptable are all dynamics of those who possess the ability to physically harm animals or even people.

In understanding the dynamics of those people who suffer from the terrible losses from the Sandy Hook Elementary School, we need to recognize that when we see something evil we need not walk away from it. We need to act on our intuition. We need to teach children to embrace love and compassion. We need to understand that while things happen to us unfairly in life that those who have come out of bad places gain inner strength they thought never existed and there are those who fall.

I would like to get out there one day and help abused women because the more I do my work the more I see the abuse they endure and loving yourself takes a strong women to take a stand against someone without compassion and wants to see you hurt and even their own children hurt.

To all of those women who have and are currently going through loosing everything, you can build yourself to the top if you believe in yourself and you have children that you love show them how they need to be treated. Do NOT let them walk the same path you may have endured. Teach them love and compassion and teach them that abuse is NOT in the least acceptable.Teach them to become professionals and to stand on their own two feet. Teach them that money comes and money goes but while it is of importance that you need to earn it yourself as opposed to giving it to your child. Children grow and learn from their experiences and shameless is a parent who will engage in letting a child do as they please without consequences. Children feel safer if given direction. Teach them to work and let them feel the success of their own earnings.