Nikki Hardin

If you’ve ever dreamed of following a crazy idea or going out on a limb for something you believed in, you must join us Wednesday on YAK. There were no hand-outs for our guest Nikki Hardin.  She was 50 years old, broke, bored and divorced with no experience in 1994 when she started Skirt!®, a women’s magazine, on $400 and a dream. Nine years later, she sold it to Morris Communications. Today Skirt!® is a thriving publication with 14 local editions around the country and a strong online presence. And Nikki is still at Skirt!®, serving as Editor, working hard to keep it fresh and unique.

Colin Lively

Join co-hosts Kay Van Hoesen and Gail Maria Forrest Wednesday on YAK when we talk with the delightful, unpretentious Nikki Hardin. Get ready to feel inspired! Plus Colin Lively joins us for CLZ! The phone lines will be open for your questions.  Chat-in or call-in 877-500-9387.

((LIVE)) Wednesday, November 2, 2011

11 am EST (8 am PST)

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Come YAK with Kay Van Hoesen, Gail Maria Forrest, Colin Lively and Nikki Hardin!