We cry.
We scream.
We binge.
We purge.
We fight.
We break the skin.
We cut.
We bleed.
We starve for love.
We starve for beauty.

We hide ourselves for shame

We draw razors across our skin in search of feeling.

We bleed for mercy and for the sake of being needy.
We sit in the darkness letting the fears fester.
We shun the people who care in favor of things that  kill us.
We ignore our bodies comfort and needs so that we maybe what others want and see.
We feel, we are misguided,
We drag even the good in us and others down
We walk through the world as slaves to our self hate.

As slaves to the hate we direct at others.
Our biggest mistake is believing we are alone.
We are NOT alone.
For every razor blade cutting our flesh,
someone else feels our pain,
someone else is hiding the razor .
For every vomit filled toilet, someone else is binging with us,
another person is helping us to heal.
For every hate  and shame filled thing we see in ourselves,
someone else is screaming it too, a broken heart is crying for us.
We are NOT alone.
There will always be that one heart that bleeds so we don’t have to.
That one soul wanting to save us to endure

One soul beside us ensuring that,
We will never be alone.

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