So I started out thinking I want to write a funny piece about being a grandmother. As I pondered on what it has been like ever since the news that “you’re going to be a granny mummy” came from my daughter, the older of my two children, it became more evident how very important my four grandchildren are to me. More important to my heart is the legacy I leave them of being their grandmother.

There are four of them, Jeremiah who is seven but consistently tries to convince everyone that he is eight. He was born nine months before Zion and there is no way they could be the same age, in his mind he is older! Zion is the only girl and just turned seven in August, she is all about dolls and fashion but much to my delight, seems to have a fascination with the Bible, it was the first item on her birthday wish list this year, she didn’t want another Children’s Story Bible she wanted a real Bible. Julian is five and all proud of himself for accomplishing little tasks on his own, he likes to build things for the sole purpose of breaking them down. Nico who is three has been introducing himself as Superman since the days when all he could say was “my name ooperman”, I kid you not! He is fixated on motor bikes, fast cars and climbing. They have informed me that Nico is my favorite.

I believe, and argue my point vigorously with them that I love them equally. Zion, Julian and Nico are my son’s bundles of joy. We spend allot of family time together so they are very close with each other.

We have fun together and we talk allot about God and His goodness to us. We pray together as often as I can. It is very important to me that they believe in God and develop a healthy fear or respect for and trust in Him. I want to convey this to them not merely by talking about it but by way of living a Godly and Holy or morally upright life before them. I live therefore with an understanding that they will learn more from what I do in my service to God by way of my integrity, compassion and genuine love and concern for others and by my devotion to the study of God’s living Word.

When times get tough for them as they grow into adulthood I want for them to be able to trust in God and His faithfulness, wisdom and love to help them through. I want for them to be a people who know their God and who do mighty exploit for Him in their generation. I want them to treat each other with love and respect and to have a respect for those in authority wherever in the world they may choose to live. I want them to add value to life wherever they live it and to make meaningful contribution to the community in which they live. I want them to be peace makers and life changers. I want them to be servant leaders, helping others up as they rise in their various pursuits of life. I want them to love the Lord our God with all of their heart and with all of their strength and to love their neighbors’ as they love themselves.

So for me today, in everything that I do, think and say, I am living my life in this way so that my legacy to them would be for them to live a life that would make the world a better place wherever they choose to live because that is what granny has done with hers!

Continuing on BIG (Believing In God) and living life to the fullest!