Out-of-Body and Near Death Experiences

Having met Bonnie Trachtenberg some years ago while doing a reading for her, she connected with me in a very kind and humble way. It felt as though we knew one another from a previous life and somehow I do believe that connection exists. I soon learned Bonnie was writing her book, that turned out to be a best seller, entitled, ” Wedlocked “and finally winning an award for the book, and again onto another successful book, but what really interested me was Bonnie’s interest in the inquisitive research about the life after and her research leading toward a different book, her third book, one that will validate significant, out of body in depth experiences. She has begun researching those who have encountered out of body experiences.

Have you ever seen the movie, “Oh GOD” with George Burns? Well the actor plays the roll of GOD. He presents himself in the courtroom where he proves his case that he exists. Mouths are wide open. People do not have a word to say, but Oh GOD. He chose a man in the physical world to prove his case that GOD exists. While this article is not about religion, it is based on belief and how people view reality. In the movie, the one who communicated with “GOD” felt that he would be looked at as a pathetic man. When he was in court, he was praying that GOD would appear and as the people were mocking him and laughing, sure enough the door to the court room opened up and in walked GOD. He appeared and spoke to the entire court room and judge.

It appears to me that so many people choose to only acknowledge what they see and therefore close their minds toward expanding research. Well, Ms. Trachtenberg is spending time researching many studies that have proved communications with the other side. Documentaries have proven that the sound machine has been able to record the voice of a girl who was killed in a car accident, (a true story) Melissa connected with her parents on her birthday. Her father ironically devised this machine that Melissa was familiar with and her voice came through many times, “I love you daddy”


Three weeks after he died a spirit claiming to be Montague Keen, the eminent psychic researcher who co-wrote a report on the Scole Experiments for the British Society for Psychical Research, materialized through the excellent mediumship of David Thompson. Montague Keens wife, Veronica, verified that it was indeed her husband. He was someone who from 57 years of research and knew what to expect-but his words to her were: “it’s everything that I thought it would be and so much more.” And interestingly he confirmed that the Scole experiments were everything he had thought they were.

Bonnie’s goal is to find out studies of those who have had out of body experiences and she has been researching so much information on this topic. “

A near death experience is loosely defined as a collection of memories occurring at or after the time of bodily death. One of the most commonly reported events during the period of death prior to being revived, is the out of body component of the NDE.

Veridical perception is what people view during the out of body (OBE) state. The evidential nature of this component is recognized as the best method for proving the reality of NDEs.

 The out of body component of an NDE could best be described as an involuntary OBE. It is well documented by leading NDE researchers, that in the OBE state, many who have physically died can verbatim tell nurses, doctors, and relatives exactly what they were doing or saying during the resuscitation efforts. This is incredible. During this stage, NDErs frequently report amazement at lack of pain. Of note, is Michael Sabom’s work published in Recollections of Death where his cardiac patients were asked to describe the resuscitation efforts, equipment, and/or any other things they may have seen or heard while being revived. Even Pim von Lommel, mentions a 44-year old who, while in a deep coma and in the process of CPR, later told the doctor that a particular nurse had placed his dentures on the crash car. The patient accurately described the resuscitation room, those in the room, as well as describing the attitude in the room that everyone was close to giving up on resuscitation efforts. Many of these evidential OBEs do not occur within the earshot of or even the same room as the NDEr, thereby ruling out the possibility of overhearing a conversation upon revival.”

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