My Battle with My Curves

Men often say that they prefer curvy women as they look more natural. I think what they really mean when they say this is that they like women with big boobs, a tiny waist and some slinky hips. That’s their version of curvy. And worst of all they seem to expect all these curves to come without an inch of fat, or the slightest hint of cellulite.

As a curvy girl myself, I have had many a compliment from men and women on the size of my bosom. To my female friends that tell me that they “wish I had boobs like yours” I urge you to walk around with two large grapefruits in your bra for a day and come back and tell me you still want large breasts!

I do feel lucky that I can fill a bra don’t get me wrong. However, sometimes having larger boobs can be painful. It’s hard to find a bra that fits nicely in all areas, that can hold these bad girls up without digging in somewhere. And many a time I have slipped on a casual t shirt to go to work, only to realize later in the day that if I were to lean forward in the slightest way the boys would get rather a good gander at my cleavage.

My mission is to help plus size, real life curvy women to feel sexy again. I’ve started my tribute to curvy women on my Pinterest board where I add a collection of beautiful and natural plus size models, and feel good sayings about curvy ladies.

Also when I started my online clothes shop, I made sure to stock all the sizes that a woman could want. To me it’s just as important to have the best range of plus size corsets as it is to have the prettiest designs. I think stores that only stock to a size 14 should be fined for discrimination! The reason I chose to stock corsets over other clothing is because they are the sexiest item of clothing and a corset can help any of us look and feel great, no matter what shape or size we are.

If you are a curvy lady I’d love to hear more about your experiences. What time of comments do you receive that confuse or frustrate you? Have you ever been discriminated against for being curvy, or have you been able to use your curves to your advantage?