We are souls that return to this world in different bodies with planned objectives that need to be applied in our school to learn. We select families that we incarnate in order to guide us through the experiences we need to rectify and grow. Even though we travel with the same people, these people can play different relationships than they did in previous lives. “Many Lives, Many Masters”

In choosing our lessons, we need to assume that the families and friends we are connected with are also revisiting the physical with their objectives planned prior to incarnation. In order for the soul to comprehend the lesson in the following incarnation, gender may be different than in the previous life.  Everyone has his or her own lesson planned prior to returning to the physical. Some have to work out relationships, others, crime, others understanding of children. Whatever the lesson, it is planned prior to the selection of both people and environmental surroundings. How can one have knowledge of this plan?

As a medium, I am able to connect with those who have crossed over. They are explicit to the point where I am being informed about specifics; a personality, names, dates, smells, and private inner experiences Those souls who have connected with me during readings, not all mind you, however, some have informed me that they have traveled with their spouse in previous lives. Some have told me that they are working with a person here in the physical writing a book together. It amazes me to see the connections that are so closely knit. At one point during my life, I was not certain as to what and if there were past lives. I feared the dirt and ground so much so that the thought of being buried was frightening to me.

I wanted to know what it was that made me so fearful of the dirt and being buried. Here I am as a medium and speak with those who have crossed over, but am afraid of the dirt and ground. What is it? What happened that made me feel this way? Could it be the loss of my dad when I was a young girl? Other people have losses but are not as petrified of the soil. I plant flowers and am fine with soil. It is the soil that is used when being buried.

In furthering my search for discovery, I decided to go to a very powerful but specific hypnotherapist who was able to bring me back to past lives. It was startling to go through this experience, but I soon learned that my reasons for my fears were clearly understood by revisiting my life   during the medieval times. This man tossed me into a deep hole during this era. I was doomed since I could not get out and was concerned about my horse that was left on his own above me. My painful death was caused by starvation and finally I remained in this deep dark hole where I had tried to work my way out by climbing but was unable to do so, thus after a few days without water and food, my horse looking down toward me, I soon died. All I had been worried about was my horse.

I have a strong fondness for animals and especially horses. I have rode horses since my uncle took me riding when I was a little girl but my oldest daughter has been riding and has returned to jumping and plans on competing as she had done in the past. “An Equestrian Champion”.

My clear understanding of hostile feelings was cleared up because of my hypnotherapy session. It took one session for me to understand my fears about the soil and one person in my life.

I was able to give forgiveness but still remained not forgetting. I was able to do this through my abilities as a medium. It amazed me because I was not certain how I was going to go about it. Since then, I have made a personal connection with this person and have put down the armor.  Since love is the ultimate divine, it is in our best interest in the physical to work through our issues and resolve them so we can better grow and develop our souls.

Connecting with the inner self is essential because it allows us to; think healthy and focus with a spiritually clear centered mind manifesting positive into the universe rather than controlling anger which destroys love, since control is an insecurity within and a power tool used only to destroy, hurtful criticism is an indication of ones own neurosis. It is best to be your true self, not egotistical, humble, yet proud, admit when you are wrong and “take the high road” when you have been deceived. Look at it as a learning experience, learn from it and turn the page and begin a new chapter. Do not be hard on yourself. It is a waste of energy when that time could be spent productively building a stronger foundation. How come people come into our lives for a short time, a long time and throughout our lives? What are your thoughts? I have my thoughts but think about the many people who have connected with you and moved onward. There is a reason for all. Things happen for a reason. Think what has happened in your life without a reason. Things just do not happen without reason. This is your time to “still your mind” and think.

A few years back, I went to a seminar at the ARE in Virginia Beach. James Van Pragh was the medium that led the seminar. Sometimes we leave with one idea that fills our understanding and in this case it was I who left the seminar with a valuable tool. The lesson that I learned was how to unplug. Unplugging all of the people even those you are close with encourages you to release any energy besides your own that is connected to you. You need to feel independent, understand yourself and your own needs and be able to respect yourself and feel worthy. It is wonderful to be there for others, however, being there for you makes it certain that we can feel our own energy and thus be able to feel complete. In doing so, we can then have a fresher view of the world and be there with an open mind to work with other people. We do not come into this world to love another person. In order to allow for loving another person, it is essential to love and care and understand oneself.