So get over it! You’re not going to get discovered sitting on a stool at the local soda fountain anymore, ‘cause there aren’t any! You’re not going to be walking down the street and a guy will hand you a business card and say, “I can make you a star!” No, it doesn’t REALLY work that way. Even if you’re willing to work your buns off for the love of art, it still may not happen; stardom eludes probably 99% of those who want it. So, we’ve collected our crack panel of stars in their own right to dish about what it really (wink, wink) takes to get it, and keep it.

Live Wednesday at 11am EST on YAK, join us for the amazing (and comical) trio of Judy Stadt, Christa Woomer and Colin Lively as they dish about what they’ve learned, who they’ve met, and oh, the parties they’ve been to!

Judy Stadt

Playwright, vocalist, actor Judy Stadt has appeared in numerous network television and film productions, had recurring roles on “All My Children” (damn, I miss that soap!), countless repertory theatre productions as well as NYC theatre roles, worked cabaret including Valentino’s, The Producer’s Club and The Friar’s Club, is a Puppeteer, wrote and performed a one-woman musical, and now produces and hosts “The Lunch and Judy Show.”

Christa Woomer

Actor, singer Christa Woomer has appeared in dozens of films and theatre productions, starred in several network television shows and web series,  and starred as the Planters Nuts Unibrow Lady for Super Bowl 2008. Okay, her body of work is endless, but let’s face it, the one that matters most is her hysterical character Lynn Ette in the web-based series “Dixiewood”. No more needs to be said, although she probably will!

Colin Lively

Colin Lively, started out in Rainelle, WV (where?), schooled in Cleveland, OH (Cleveland Rocks!), and now is THE hairdresser to the stars in good ole NYC. I know what I tell my hairstylist, and I know you confide in yours as well. So can you imagine what Colin gets to hear everyday? Okay, we all know he won’t name names, but he can sure divulge just enough to help us guess, can’t he? Colin is also the lovable host of The Colin Lively Show every Friday on HWT, and every once in awhile, a name might just slip out!

Live online Wednesday, February 15, 11am EST (details below).

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