Hello Guru Friends!

We are so stoked to share with you our show from last Friday November 11, 2011. 11-11-11 won’t happen again for another one hundred years and our show was one that we won’t soon forget. Our good friend  HawaH celebrated with us the global launch of his powerhouse book of collective poems, The Poetry Of Yoga. We rejoiced over Veterans Day with our pals from the Veterans Yoga Project, clinical psychologist Dr. Daniel J. Libby, and yoga practitioner Suzanne Manafort. At the tail end of our show an unforeseen marriage proposal by Carl Kerridge left our very own Jessica Durivage in extreme bliss as she said yes and shared with us the beginning of an extremely important, intimate chapter of their lives together. What a show!

Dr. Daniel J. Libby: Yoga does not cure PTSD. PTSD is a really complex psycho, physiological disorder. There are really great psycho therapeutic treatments for PTSD. Yoga really conserves a very important piece of a holistic treatment program. There has been an explosion into Yoga research over the past few years, trying to understand which practices have what kind of effects on the body. The research with PTSD really is in it’s infancy. There’s research showing that meditation and mindfulness in particular can bring the body into a parasympathetic dominant state. You can see there how it might address some of the issues with hyper-vigilance and this instance to constantly being on guard that happens with PTSD. One of the primary mechanisms of action in Yoga practice is self regulation. Being able to regulate your own autonomic nervous system to make sure that you can address things that happen in your environment in a way that’s mindful instead of reactive.

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