Joey Mogul

Joey Mogul joins BROADSIDED to talk about her book, “Queer (In)Justice, The Criminalization of LGBT People in the United States”. “Queer (In)Justice dispenses a legal history of LGBT oppression that spans hundreds of years, beginning with a sweeping review of the history of gender policing—indigenous abuse, constructions of African people as hypersexual, “contaminating” immigrant bodies, and even Biblical ideas about sodomy—and moving through a range of topics that collectively provide the most complete picture of LGBT criminalization I have ever encountered…At times devastating, provocative, explicit, and horrifying, this book will make you deeply sad, deeply angry, and more fully aware of how far we really are from full equality for sexual minorities.”– Elevated Difference

*Hosts Note: Because this was such an well-stated review and reflective of exactly what we read, we shared it and credited the author of the review.

Joey L. Mogul is an attorney who focuses on civil rights cases involving police misconduct, criminal cases brought against individuals engaged in street demonstrations and other forms of First Amendment expression, and capital defense cases. She handles all stages of litigation, from trial preparation through trial, appeal and post-conviction proceedings. She is also an adjunct law professor at Depaul University College of Law teaching at the Civil Rights Clinic and author of “The Dykier, the Butcher, the Better: the State’s Use of Homophobia and Sexism to Execute Women in the United States” in the New York City Law Review. She has been actively engaged in the litigation and community organizing around the Chicago Police Torture cases, recently presenting these cases to the United Nations Committee Against Torture and the Human Rights Committee in Geneva, Switzerland in 2006. She is one of the attorneys representing the class of 800 individuals wrongfully arrested and detained at an anti-war protest on March 20, 2003. She previously represented Miguel Castillo in post-conviction proceedings overturning his wrongful conviction for a murder he did not commit and obtaining a pardon on the basis of his innocence. She subsequently represented him in his civil wrongful conviction case which settled for $1.2 million.

Kat Kramer and Lily Tomlin

And finally, we are SO pleased to announce that for the second half of our program, actress, singer, journalist and producer, Kat Kramer will join us to talk about her just-released documentary short called “Teach Your Children Well“.  This is an important film that addresses homophobia, bullying and school violence and what WE can do about it.  October is “Anti-Bullying Month” and we could not be more honored to have her on BROADSIDED.

If the last name Kramer is familiar to you, it’s because Kat Kramer comes from a most talented Hollywood family – she’s the daughter of Hollywood directorial icon Stanley Kramer who was responsible for making some of the most important films with social messages of his time.  The Defiant Ones (1958), On the Beach (1959), Inherit the Wind (1960), Judgment at Nuremberg (1961), It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World (1963), Ship of Fools (1965) and Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner (1967).  Ms. Kramer honors her father’s legacy with this, the latest in her series of “Films That Changed The World”.  “Teach Your Children Well” was narrated by Emmy, Tony and Grammy winning actress Lily Tomlin and features Miss Coco Peru (actor/actress/drag performer).   It is indeed a 39 minute documentary that should be mandatory viewing in every PTA meeting across the country.  Change begins with US!

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