Unsuitable Christian fiction publishing writing author bookTuesday on Rivers of Faith with Donna Tyson, Kathryn Wright and Margaret Locklair told us how their 8-year journey to get their Christian novel “Unsuitable” published, beginning with a parent-teacher relationship.

Their journey into the realm of writing and publishing was at times scary and arduous, but their faith and guidance from God directed them to a fantastic finished product available on bookshelves today.

Following some basic steps, no matter the genre or subject matter, will get you a finished product you can be proud of and one that publishers will be glad to print.

Here are just a few pointers you’ll hear about in the archived show:

1. Your first draft will be awful. Be prepared to rewrite numerous times, tweaking each time you read it. NEVER GIVE UP!

2. Create a credible timeline for the book.

3. Research, research, research


5. How do you know if you’re done? When you’ve answered all of the readers’ questions.

They explain, in detail, all aspects of writing and editing. Also, how to find a publisher, creating the cover, reading the dreaded publisher’s contract, and more!

Listen to the archive to learn the steps they took to finally have a finished product they are proud of and many are eager to read. You, too, can be a writer!

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