August 30, 2010 Johnson & Johnson subsidiary DePuy Orthopaedics has issued a voluntary recall of two of its hip replacement systems due to a high rate of implant failure.

For the last few months there has been considerable publicity about hip implant failures.  According to a recent report, there have been NINETY THOUSAND recalls! Yes, you read that right… 90,000! All across America, individuals have been subjected to grotesque pain, additional corrective surgery and God knows what else.

And the worst part of it is that it could have (should have!) been avoided.

By a series of miraculous “coincidences”, I was rescued from being the ninety thousandth and one victim of this tragic scenario. I don’t want you (or anyone you know) to be one of them!

Read on…

For over 25 years, I worked as a Movement Therapist. I loved my career but after 25 years, the cartilage in both my hips showed signs of severe damage. One was only partially affected but the other was totally bone on bone. No matter what holistic solutions I tried, there was not even the slightest improvement. It was excruciating!

For a year, I limped though each day, forcing myself to smile through the pain and hoping it would somehow go away. It didn’t, and I finally surrendered to making an appointment for surgery with a renowned surgeon in a prestigious New York hospital.

I purposely used the words, “renowned” and “prestigious” to forewarn you that no matter what great stuff you hear about a particular doctor or hospital, you too can end up a statistic! Those 90,000 trusted their doctors… and I trusted the one I chose. Thank God I learned otherwise just in time.

Now comes the miracle…

At a film premiere, I ran into a former dancer friend that I hadn’t seen in 45 years! Seeing me limping, she asked what was wrong. When I shared that I was scheduled for hip replacement surgery, she said, “Don’t make a move until after my call tomorrow. True to her word, she called the next day and shared information on “Anterior Incision”. This little known non-invasive operation is offered by only one doctor on the North East coast. (Check Google for a doctor in your neck of the woods. Also, make sure he/she uses the HANA table, essential for the success of this amazing procedure).

Following her suggestion, I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Corey Burak, and the rest is happy history!

After assuring me that I was a candidate, and explaining that this form of surgery CUTS NO MUSCLES… NOT EVEN ONE, I canceled with the “renowned” doctor and made arrangements to have the replacement done by Dr. Burak.

Long story short, it’s been about 3 months since I received a new left hip. I have minimal pain, a pale, non consequential 3” scar, both legs are of identical length, and apart from the pain of rehab, I’m beginning to dance again.

My                gratitude               is                 boundless.

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