As abstract of a concept as success is, achieving it is simple.

Success is oneness with the present moment: the task at hand.

Growing up, we are programmed to think that success is something we will achieve in the future, and with it comes abundance –– abundance of money, power, possessions and subsequently, happiness. Ironically, the more we strive for success, and the more external abundance we collect, the more unhappy we become.

To achieve success, align yourself with the present moment and express gratitude towards the task at hand. Every moment is an opportunity for growth; what’s more, every struggle is an even greater opportunity for self-understanding and growth.

While you are busy working towards a goal and actualizing your dreams, pause and realize that success is now. Every time you cross something off of your to-do list, you have achieved success.

Seed: Recognize and honor your successes in the now, and your success will be sustained for a lifetime.

How have you been successful today?

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