Sometimes a block of understanding changes everything.  Recently a natural disaster changed my life, and the experience has been one of growth, enlightenment and a new level of awareness about myself. It’s been a milestone in my life for sure. Today things seemed to be going wrong, left and right. It seemed like I would receive one phone call after another delivering more bad news. And then I remembered that things are not always what they seem.

I went for a walk as I often do, appreciating the natural beauty surrounding me here in the Green Mountains, and I asked myself, “What is with this CRAP?”

Maybe it was the intention behind the question, or the feeling of desire for an answer that gave me this aha moment. Or maybe it was the sincerity which was ever present in my quest for inner knowledge. Whatever it was, the answer was so simple, and so profound. I knew I needed to share it right away.

When the CRAP is flying at you from every direction (or so it seems), that is the Universe giving you a signal from your inner GPS. When your CRAP light comes on, that is when you need to pull over. It’s your signal that it’s time for some “inner maintainence.” Connect. Re-Align. Allow. And then Proceed.

What a profound Paradigm Shift! Talk about a breakthrough! Breaking through the CRAP Paradigm is a total game changer. WOW.

If you are noticing that you are attracting some CRAP, know that your inner GPS is working perfectly. Take a moment and do the “inner maintainence,” and then move forward, and turn the CRAP around right before your eyes.

“Connect, Re-Align, Allow, and then Proceed.”  And take a profound journey up the Vibrational Scale.


Stephanie Kathan


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