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Carla Goddard

Every once in a while you meet somebody who’s magical and mysterious, and you just want to know more about them. To me, contemporary Shaman Medicine Women Dr. Carla Goddard is one of those people. I met her on Facebook, and I soon realized she’s the real McCoy. Carla’s father was of a small Nation in Maine, she trained with a Mohawk Shaman, studied with a Waiest® Monk, and her academia background is in Metaphysical Sciences specializing in Parapsychology. Carla is an Ordained Metaphysical Practitioner and she leads spiritual groups, organizes healing ceremonies, and helps people see their auras. Yet, when I finally talked to her, I found she’s as down-to-earth as my country cousins, she’s a mom, a wife, and a regular gal. I am privileged to have Carla co-hosting with me this week on YAK for, as Carla calls it, “soulversation” with our esteemed guests.

Dianne Ebertt Beeaff

What kind of spiritual awakening can you gain from prehistoric stone monuments such as Stonehenge? Guest Dianne Ebertt Beeaff says we can connect the long-ago and the far-away with the here and now, and she does so in her fourth published book, Spirit Stones, Unraveling the Megalithic Mysteries of Western Europe’s Prehistoric Monuments. Dianne says, “My ultimate aim in Spirit Stones was to link … megalithic architecture to our present day search for spiritual insight.” Dianne reminds us, “We are each the product of a boundless past. Stone monuments, as part of that past, can renew our sense of the mystery and wonder of life.”

Jessamine Dana

Aging and spirituality. Monetization of spiritual work. Spiritual ‘calling’. Guest Jessamine Dana‘s passion, The Woman and the Owl Project, is about the development of women spiritual leaders, particularly those in new and native traditions. Jessamine says, “I consider all people who are taking full responsibility for their spiritual selves to be leaders.” The project uses writing, film, and classes to bring to light the stories of courageous women of all ages who are re-visioning their relationship to the Divine and to their communities, seeking to inspire, support, and cultivate women at all levels of spiritual commitment and development.

Please join host Kay Van Hoesen, co-host Carla Goddard, guest Dianne Ebertt Beeaff and guest Jessamine Dana for “Soulversation”.

And, of course, the hour wouldn’t be complete without a little conversation with our own, lovable Colin Lively and CLZ.

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