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~Giving A Voice To Dominick Richard Calhoun~

~This Is Extremely Disturbing…I have been questioning myself if I should write this article…When I read about Dominick I was sickened..After writing this I put it in drafts contemplating the details,pictures and even hitting the trash button..As I went to close my laptop I immediately thought to my self “This is exactly what the neighbors did by not getting help when they heard Dominicks Screams,Family members who saw his bruises and turned their head..Closing my computer in fear that this might disturb someone the way it did to me..I have had non-stop thoughts and anger,Especially looking at this Monsters Picture that tortured and murdered Dominick..As angered and confused I feel about the people who could of saved Dominicks life by answering his pleads and calling authorities to put an end to his pain,I was doing the same..Setting Awareness Is a Hope and a Prayer..Hoping People will take the time to read the unfortunate and haunting details and Praying it may change the life of a Victim..Maybe Even Save A Life..We cant sugar coat the reality that millions of children are abused everyday..

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